Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Our Vintaj collection of natural brass and Arte Metal products is certainly beautiful. But you might not have thought out of the box yet and realized how versatile Vintaj’s beads, pendants and components really are. This product line is perfect for setting notoriously difficult objects like donut pendants and cabochons. The malleable nature and often open loop designs of Vintaj pieces make these products ideal for multiple and often surprising uses!

Today’s tips will help you use your Vintaj pieces to fullest without damaging them in the process! Sharp folds may break your piece or cause cracks. Instead, always keep a curve in your metal as you bend it. Shaping around your bead or object will not only help your accuracy, but prevent damage to the metal piece. You can also wrap your Vintaj piece around a Sharpie or other cylindrical object to get a curving shape. Try using gentle pressure from your finger tips to manipulate the metal, instead of manhandling it with pliers. If you’re having a hard time shaping the piece by hand, coat your pliers in Tool Magic, a liquid plastic, to prevent scratching the finish on your metal.

For more specific instructions on shaping your Vintaj pieces, be sure to check out our Forming Metal Techniques!

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen



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