Madly in Love with Mini Beads!

I am absolutely in love with what Swarovski’s designers have created for their Fall/Winter 2013 Innovations: a fabulous line of beads that they are calling their Mini Beads! Ok, “mini” is not the term I would use for them – it makes me think of a bead that is microscopic. But it is mini in comparison to some of Swarovski’s larger 22mm beads such as the Twist Bead or Oval Bead. These beads are 6-8mm and will pack a huge punch for their small size. Available in 3 basic shapes, round, oval and square, you are sure to find one that you will love.


Round Mini Beads

Oval Mini Beads

Square Mini Beads

These new beads are going to become your new “basic” – the bead that you will be able to pair with any other bead. The small size lends itself to being able to be incorporated as an accent bead to your show-stopping pendant as well as being a focal on its own in a pair of earrings or strung in a bracelet with bicone or round beads. With each bead available in 20 of their most popular colors and effects, I’m sure you will find one that will become a staple item on your bead table.

I’m so excited to use them in my jewelry pieces and I can’t wait to see where they will be popping up in your designs!

Sparkle! – Lindsay


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