Sneak Peek at Swarovski Elements Innovations Fall/Winter 2013

Fall is finally here! It’s that time of the year when the kids start back at school, leaves start turning warm autumnal shades and Swarovski Elements launches its new innovations for Fall/Winter 2013. Like every new line that Swarovski introduces, this fall’s new colors, effects and shapes are incredibly impressive. Our designers are so excited about this launch! Not only is there striking, must-have shapes that will work with any of your other crystals, but the new colors are easily accessible hues that anyone can use in a wide variety of designs.

Light Turquoise – New Color

Crisp and cool, Light Turquoise will be a compliment to any trend. Combine it with other blues such as Aquamarine, Blue Zircon, Caribbean Blue Opal, Indian Sapphire and Indicolite for that perfect piece to go with your denim. Or try pairing it with Crystal Volcano, Amethyst, Fern Green, Hyacinth, Indian Pink and Light Topaz for a rich, glamorous feel.

Crystal Blue Shade – New Effect

Crystal Blue Shade is the new effect, with subtle hints of silver and blue. It will add an ethereal, romantic feel when paired with soft colors such as Crystal Silver Shade, Crystal Luminous Green, Jonquil or Silk.

Grey Pearl – New Pearl Color

The addition of a new grey colored pearl works perfectly to fill in the color palette between Light Grey and Dark Grey. This is a cool neutral, making it a versatile color that can be worn with a classic little black dress or ripped up jeans and a black shirt.

Neon Red and Neon Green – New Pearl Color

This summer, Swarovski launched 3 neon pearl colors to go with the fun, neon trend. They have added 2 bright colors to this line – Neon Red and Neon Green. They are a welcomed addition to the family!

Mini Beads – Round, Oval and Square

The line of beads that Swarovski is calling their Mini Beads is one of the most exciting additions to this launch. They have created 3 shapes of beads in small sizes that are sure to become almost as popular as a bicone or a round crystal bead.

Round Mini Bead

Available in 6mm and 8mm, this small flat coin-shaped bead with beautiful faceting will capture your heart. Mix with anything from bicone crystal beads to freshwater pearls to gemstones. These beads are small but will have a big impact in your designs.

Oval Mini Bead

Rich colors and a beautiful cut is the reason that this tiny bead creates big sparkle. Two sizes and various colors mean that you won’t have a problem finding one that will work with any of your jewelry pieces.

Square Mini BeadThe Square Mini Bead is such a fun shape – flat with perfect diamond-like faceting and smooth edges. Available in 6mm and 8mm, this light bead will be great in earrings or necklaces.

2-Hole Stairway Bead

Swarovski has added to the Stairway bead family by creating a 2-hole version of this popular shape.

Victory Pendant

The Victory Pendant is an eye-catching symmetrical shape with asymmetrical faceting. Like an Olympic medal, the Victory Pendant is a symbol of strength and will be an easy addition to your designs. Available in a range of sizes, you can incorporate this pendant into not only necklaces but earrings as well.

Key Pendant

Inspired by Yoko Ono, the Key Pendant is a new take on a classic component. An incredibly innovative shape, the key is both classic and modern.

Pure Leaf Pendant and Sew-On Stone

The new Pure Leaf shape draws its inspiration from nature. This gorgeous symmetrical shape will work with your creations any season from Spring to Fall. This leaf will add to any flower themed design, making it even more radiant.

Half-Matte Rivoli Sew-On Stone

One of Swarovski’s most popular cuts has gotten a fresh, young new look. Every other facet on this stone has been matted, creating a windmill-type effect. The graphic quality of these stones will work well in trendy, modern designs.

BeCharmed beads

Swarovski’s BeCharmed beads now come in pearls! These will be a great addition to your Pandora-style charm bracelets. Also, each of the metal end caps on these beads is imprinted with Swarovski Elements – now you can be sure you are getting a great quality product!

Keep an eye out for all of these new beads and pendants. They will be available on soon! They are going to be popular – I know I will be buying some of my favorites as soon as they are available.

– Lindsay

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