Sawing Basics Giveaway!

Are you a pro at Sawing a Design Out of Sheet Metal? Or have you always wanted to try sawing techniques but never had the tools and supplies to do so? Well, here is your chance to make it happen! One lucky winner will receive everything you see in the photo below! From the saw, to the fun sheet metal, you’ll have everything you need to start sawing out your own jewelry designs!  For inspiration check out Magpie’s Tale Necklace in our Inspiration Gallery! Also, check out our Sawing Techniques on our Techniques Page! You will learn everything you need to know in order to become a pro at sawing! For a chance to win this amazing sawing collection, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you would want to saw out of your sheet metal! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, August 31, 2012, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Sandra G., on winning this amazing collection of sawing basics!

Good Luck – Allie

473 comments to Sawing Basics Giveaway!

  • I wasn’t even thinking about sawing anything..Who knew I could?? Now you’ve opened up a whole new possibility of ideas

  • MDJ

    So wonderful oportunity,I used raw tool for made a few desing of my own and with the right tool will be perfect .I loved to be the lucky winning!

  • Oh wow… this would be awesome to win :) although some might question the wisdom of handing me sharp things to play with ;) As for what would I cut out first? Oh I’d have to cut out a frog to make a cuff bracelet for my mom. She loves frogs but has a job where she can’t wear any loose jewelry :)

  • I would like to experiment a new technique and make a different things and add more brass and copper into my designs, such as my own charms, pendant for earrings.

  • Leah Curtis

    I would love to win this! I’ve recently started doing some fold forming, but haven’t tried thicker gauge sheet yet. I would use the kit for making charms, pendants, links, etc. I love nature, so would probably do leaves, birds, and animals shapes.

  • Gina Hockett

    I would cut out shapes for pendants and earrings, and for layering components. What a great giveaway!

  • i am so interested in making earrings!

  • Ooh… that’s exactly what’s on my Wish list for new techniques! I would make charms – I dream of etching or texturing the metal sheets and cutting charms out of them.

  • Tanya

    Would love to have a whole set of tools for sawing.I am still fighting with odd bits that are not ideal.Love and hugs Tanya

  • Tanya

    guess I should have said I want to saw toggles out of my metals.I have started BUT….. Love and hugs Tanya

  • I would LOVE to win this, but so does everybody else.
    Do I need it more then others? Do I wish to win this more the others? NO, not really.

    I just want to give it a shot and see if I would get lucky for a change..

  • as i am Seed Beads Beader i would love to learn something new around beading. I would give a try sawing rectangles and then trying to stamp it
    Would be a challenge ;-) and what a great giveaway!

  • I’d love to saw some interesting metal shapes that I could patina and punch and use as focals in my micro-macrame bracelets.

  • I would love to add some new techniques to my ever growing list of things “I have to do”! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I am working on a new Medicine Bag and would love to add a metal shield.

  • This is something I’ve been wanting to learn to do. I have all kinds of different shapes in my head for earrings and necklace connectors! What an awesome giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win.

  • jackie koudry

    Wow! I would love to win this.

  • I would make intricate pierced metal pendants!

  • Oh my goodness. I have only just begun to explore metal into any of my designs. I’ve been making jewelry for about a year and have and mainly beading. I’m so excited that someone was kind enough to share your giveaway. I didn’t realize this type of sawing was available. I would use your gift to add uniqueness to my pieces. Now I have to go exploring on your site to see what is available. thanks.

  • I’ve been talking about sawing metal for a while. Whinning would be a fantastic jumpstart.

  • Jana

    To be honest I have never used this technique before. What a great way to win these items to further expand my love of making jewelry! There are so many ways to incorporate this into my pieces and would love the opportunity to have the right tools to get started! Love, Love, Love! Good Luck everyone!

  • This is an awesome set, and while my first intention would not be to use it for sawing sheet metal, I would definitely be interested in giving that a try and seeing what I could make from it. I’m always looking to expand my skills!!! I have a love for learning new things! But, what I would love this for is making and sawing my own jump rings as I’ve recently gotten into chain mail and saw a very similar setup as this being used to create your own jump rings!

  • Shaiha

    I think that I would be making some focals! I just love the idea of making everything that I possibly can myself.

  • That is a great setup for anyone wanting to learn or already sawing out metal.

    I’d like to do more intricate cutwork pendants and toggles. Having a new bench pin and separate sawframe would be great for that.

  • […] to win this amazing sawing collection, leave a comment on their blog post telling us what you would want to saw out of your sheet metal! A winner will be randomly selected […]

  • Everything you need to start sawing! What a great giveaway!

  • I would saw shapes for necklaces and bracelets….. especially cat and butterfly shapes.

  • sandra

    I would make some cool scrolling designs for pendants. Thanks.

  • I would make some shapes and create gorgeous jewelry from them!

  • What a fun giveaway! I have a new necklace pendant rolling around in my head…I would like to try and saw out the outline of a Mahi-Mahi fish and then make it into a pendant….we are big into fishing here at our house. :)

  • Mary Govaars

    Ohhhhh Ahhhhh that is what I am talking about, I am just getting started with metals and wanting to venture in cutting out shapes. The right tools always help!

  • I would use these to expand and enhance my jewelry designs. I’ve done pierced designs and sawed sheet metal before but don’t have the tools to do it now so this would be great.

  • since I am just getting started I really have no idea what I would make specifically. by would be extremely excited to have what I would need to get started in a new direction :)

  • My first thought was jewelry. I’ve just mentioned to a friend that I wanted to get a jeweler’s saw and try my hand at this. So even if I don’t win, it’s high on my must try list!

  • I would love to have this set to learn how to make my own pendants! Thank you so much!

  • I am definitely not a pro at sawing a design out of sheet metal, but would sure love to be! I have not yet attempted this skill and have it on my list of techniques to learn. Thank you for this awesome, and I do mean AWESOME giveaway!

  • Tricia

    I am really not sure, but I enjoyed the technique that showed how to replicate a shape you printed out yourself – it is probably not as easy as it appears, but it looks like it would be fun to try.

  • would like to make pendants. love to have these tools.

  • Chris

    Ooooh, bracelets and earrings using riveting techniques I’m in the process of learning. I’ve been wanting to learn how to saw for a long time now. And what wonderful colors!

    Thank you for the chance to participate in a giveaway that actually gives all you need to learn something new and not have to let a desire die because of finances and lack of facilities to learn at. Awesome!! I love this site!!

  • Lori

    I’ve been wanting to get the tools and cut my own metal pieces. I would probably start with pendant pieces or for a bracelet. Or earrings. Oh I might have to toss a coin :) Thanks!

  • I would love to cut some abstract pieces to make some pendants out of.

  • Hello,

    I saw a fantastic episode of Beads Baubles and Jewels: the artist used a handsaw to cut out a shape from a copper disc. She went through the steps, and the BBJ webpage has a tutorial on this technique. I’d cut out owls and goddesses! But my greatest joy would be jump rings for chainmaille! I have a wonderful Lauren Andersen chainmaille mandrel set, but so need a saw for perfect joins. I love making my own rings as it takes the handcrafted to a very root, basic level and gives me the ability to create when the muse arrives! No waiting to order the right sizes of rings – just create, great!

    I see myself winning… the winner is happy, appreciative and busy sawing away — and i see that winner as me!!! And indeed, some day I shall bravely and joyfully saw :)

    Gracias and big hugs,

  • Lovely set. I have always wanted a jewelry saw and have just started using more sheet metal so it would be perfect if I won.

  • Georgina Brooks

    This set would be awesome to start me off in the direction of creating my own earring and pendant designs. :)

  • Julie

    Always something new, I’d love to try sawing!

  • Melanie Dilts

    Just learning jewelry design and have so many ideas in my head – probably first use would be for a bracelet

  • Shana Reeder

    I live in a small town, and cannot find these tools easily, my jewelry making has progressed to this point, and I love to make my own jump rings for my chainmaille work! I like the way sawed jump rings fit together so I would be a jump ring making fool with these tools!!

  • Tammy Roush

    What an awesome giveaway, I’d want to try my hand at making Celtic Knot Pendants :)

  • Annica Schröder

    I would love to try this new technique that I never have tested. I think my first try will be a butterfly.

  • heena patel

    A win would open up a whole new opportunity, something i have always wanted to do :)