Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

I get so frustrated during a bead weaving project when my work keeps sliding down the tail of my thread or worse when my beads fall off of my thread entirely! The time and energy and sometimes even beads lost when this happens can make you want to give up entirely. You can prevent this problem before it starts with today’s tip!

At the very start of any bead weaving project tie a stop bead on to your thread. I like using a bead that is larger and a different color than my working beads. Pass your thread through the stop bead twice so that the thread wraps securely around the bead. Once you’re finished with your piece, pull your thread out of the stopper bead and tidy up the thread tail.

If you have trouble removing the stop bead when your piece is finished, try a bead stopper! Bead stoppers are coils of wire that can easily be clipped to your thread tail while you work and can be removed with a simple squeeze. A small piece of tape will also work in pinch, but can leave sticky residue on your thread. If you’d prefer tape, try painter’s tape, which can be found at your local hardware store, and is designed to leave surfaces adhesive-free! Whichever method you choose, using a stopper will help keep you sane as you bead weave!

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen

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