Tooth Fairy Box!

My 5 year old daughter recently got her first loose tooth. She was very excited since several of her friends have already lost a few teeth. This is one more milestone in her life: the loss of her first tooth, and the first time she wakes to find that the Tooth Fairy took her tooth and left her something in its place. I wanted to somehow make the upcoming event special. I decided I wanted to get a special little box for her to put her tooth in for the Tooth Fairy. I thought this would be a cute keepsake, something she would always have. Bonus, the little tiny tooth goes in a box instead of loose under a pillow, making it much easier for the Tooth Fairy to find it in the dark at midnight.

So, I was on a quest to find that special box. I looked around online for a few days. There were some cute little boxes but nothing that was really interesting me. While searching, it came to me! Why buy a box when I can make one? I’ve been using Crystal Clay for a few months now and am loving it. So, I decided to embellish the top of a little tin box with crystals and my daughter’s initial. To add a little extra sparkle, once the crystals were all pressed in the clay, I sprinkled it with glitter and brushed on some Pearl Ex powder. This made it extra sparkly – perfect for a little girl.

Then, I thought that I could add one more little touch to add to the magic of her first lost tooth: a letter from the Tooth Fairy. I got this idea from a friend of mine who did this for her daughter as well. I wrote a little letter by printing it in 4pt font then cutting it out. I added a sprinkle of glitter (fairy dust) to the inside of the letter and folded it up. Everything is ready. Now we just need the tooth.

Sadly, this first tooth is being stubborn. I have prepped and am so excited for my daughter to experience the magic. But the tooth will just not come out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it comes out this next week. In the meantime, the “Tooth Fairy” is anxiously waiting and hoping that this special moment is as magical and memorable as she hopes.

Sparkle! – Lindsay





3 comments to Tooth Fairy Box!

  • Lee Hethcox

    aww! We did the tooth fairy through seven children. TF had been writing letters to the children for years and we’d built up an entire Tooth Fairy World. Now I need to come up with a little boy tooth box for the grandson.
    Thanks for the idea!

  • That is so sweet! We used to sew little tooth fairy pillows years ago, but this is the first little box I have seen… would have a satisfying “rattle” if you shook it LOL

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