Colored Jump Ring Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Lesa B., on winning these fun Jump Rings!

We have an amazing new selection of colored jump rings coming soon to and wanted to give you a little sneak peek at a few that we will have available! These jump rings are great to use in many types of beading and ideal for making amazing chain maille pieces! We’ve selected four different colors and sizes to giveaway to one lucky winner! You will recieve 1 oz packs of the following: 3mm Titanium 18 Gauge Open Jump Rings, 4mm Teal 18 Gauge Open Jump Rings, 5mm Flag Blue 18 Gauge Open Jump Rings and 6mm Non Tarnish Silver 18 Gauge Open Jump Rings! To get some great ideas on what you can do with all of these fun new jump rings check out all of our chain maille techniques on our Beading Techniques page! From European 4-1 to Japanese 12-1, the possibilities are endless! For a chance to win this amazing stash of jump rings, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favorite chain maille technique is! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, August 17, 2012, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail.

Good Luck! – Allie

1,192 comments to Colored Jump Ring Giveaway!

  • tricia

    I love to work with jumprings and would love to try some new designs!

  • Wanda

    I love making byzantine and full persian chain in two colors. My favorite is blue colored wire and sterling silver in the full persian weave. It’s beautiful with a fancy S clasp as the focal using bead caps and pearls and crystals… Soooo lovely!

  • betty crawford

    I love byzantine chainmaile. that’s my fav. I am trying alot of the other patterns.

  • Just learn chainmaile. I love to incorporate little weaves in my wire wrap pieces. That way I get to practice a little at a time and I think it looks good with the natural tumble stones and beach glass I tend to find on the beach.

  • Carla Harcum

    I have just really found so many different ways to use jump rings!! they are fantastic and the new colored ones give me new inspiration!!!!!

  • Catherine

    Beautiful colors!!!

  • lisa

    Love the colors. Started chainmaille and these colors would be great

  • Melinda Fullmer

    Always looking for something to inspire a new piece!!

  • Regina Malone

    Colors yay! What a way to add Pazzazz to your jewelry. So many ways to use them. My mind is going to explode with all the ideas. Pick me and I will send lots of photos of all the wonderful things I mke with them. <3

  • Patricia Orozco

    I am just starting to make chain malle and would love to have them to acquire more abilities

  • Sharon

    I have been reading up on chain maille and would like to try it. These jumprings would be a great start.

  • Laura

    My favorite chain maille pattern is the inverted round because it is perfect for making long lengths to use in necklaces all by itself.

  • pambr

    Love Helm’s chain. So simple and so effective. Great for a charm bracelet too. Haven’t tried colored rings. Would love to see how they hold up.

  • jeannie vitanza

    i love making chain maille designs. i just posted a japanese 12 – 2 chocker that i made for my friend who was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. she is over 2000 miles away…so i sent her some “flowers” to help her feel better. i am just getting used to taking pictures amd posting them. i would love to work with these rings!!!!

    Good luck one and all!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  • Tricia

    I’ve only done one very simple thing, but I really like the one called ‘dragon scales’ or something like that.

  • kay wolter

    this is what I would love to do for Christmas for family and friends

  • Lori Workman

    Always wanted to try making chain maille, but never have.

  • Susan

    Love your new site! Thank you FusionBeads for a wonderful store! Easy navigation and search. I love that I can order only 1 bead to a hundred beads — that’s cost savings! Great selection and your customer services is outstanding. I recently called and asked assistance on the supplies I would need to make hanging crystals with a chain and your customer service rep took her time patiently walking me thru all the possible options. Keep up the good work! I’ve made one chain maille bracelet Byzantine link and loved it. That is my favorite link and would love to explore and work with maille more!

  • Cheryl Turman

    I just received a chainmaille book, I do all kinds of jewelry and saw a necklace made with jumprings, I was like WOW this is awesome. So now I have my book and all I need is beautiful jump rings to get started. Love your colors.

  • Vicki

    Love the new colors!

  • Jennifer

    Turns out using jump rings is fun and easy–who knew?

  • Karen

    I’m new to the techniques so Japanese lattice is something I can figure out without much trouble!

  • I take a larger jump ring and add a bead to it to make a simple “pendant” and use them as “charms” on simple bracelets. It looks great and is simple to do!

  • Sadie

    I have never worked with chain mail. I would like to try the many techniques there are for it.

  • Tambi

    Awesome opportunity to learn chainmaille – would love to win.

  • LisaAnn

    I don’t have a favorite yet, but have really wanted to try different chainmaille work for a long time, this would be a wonderful prize!

  • Betsy Loudon

    Have never worked with chainmaille before. Would love to try with your new fun colors!!

  • Robyn Johnson

    I have only done two styles of earrings out of chain maille. I’m not even familar with the name of the design but loved how it looked and would love to try the colors out for a bracelet. Excited about the contest! Thanks for the chance.

  • Mary

    I really like the barrel chain maille weave because its easy and allows for bead embellishment.

  • Amanda

    I haven’t worked with chain maille before, i’d really like to try it.

  • Brenda Timmon

    I like the Japanese 12-1, because I’ve not done much chain maille and it looks a little easier for a beginner to learn. Brenda Timmons

  • Lynn

    I love the new colors and am addicted to making chain maille jewelry!

  • Shari Arbogast

    Love these

  • Jennifer Saville

    Love working with jump rings and chain maille is my real passion in making jewelry!

  • Bonnie

    Colored jumprings would add so much to the overall appeal of a jewelry piece.

  • Cheryl

    My favorite chain maille is anything my friend Laura makes…and if I win these jumprings I will give them to her!

  • Alison Stowe

    I am just now learning the chain maille technique, and can’t wait to find new inspiration!!!!

  • Patty Ferguson

    I love the idea of many colors in chain maille. Great way to add more details!

  • Dragon’s Tail is my fav. But I’ve just gotten into it. I’m sure I’ll find ton’s more!

  • Stephanie M.

    I love chainmaille, winning this would be a new window for creative opportunity in some new pieces!

  • Stephanie M.

    My favorite chainmaille technique is Jens Pind.

  • Bec Van Der Heyden

    Im only just starting but love the half persian technique! So easy with 2 different colors!!