Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Feathers are a fun way to incorporate interesting textures and colors into your jewelry designs. We have a great selection of feathers that can be tailored to the needs of your projects. Today’s tips are all about changing the shape of your feathers!

The only tool you’ll need to shape your feathers is a sharp pair of scissors. Trimming the barbs, or feathery parts, of a feather is like trimming hair. You want to use the sharpest scissors available and cut only a few barbs at a time. Go slow – you can always trim more later! To make a symmetrical shape, trim the barbs on the right side of your feather first and then flip the feather over so the untrimmed side is now on the right.

Sometimes an earring or pendant design calls for a much shorter feather than you have on hand.

You can shorten your feathers or expose more of the quill, or stiff part, by stripping the barbs away. Hold your feather by the bottom of the quill, so that your barbs all point upwards. Always start at the top of the feather and pull the barbs straight down to remove them from the quill. The quill itself can be cut with your scissors.

 One of my favorite tricks is curling your feathers! Try stripping the barbs from one side of a feather’s quill and then running that bare side of the quill over the back of your scissors, just like you would to curl a ribbon. You can also curl feathers by gently wrapping them around your finger or a pen. There are so many ways to alter your feathers, try something new with yours today!

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen

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