Our Jewelry Designer Challenge Winners Are Announced!

The votes are in! Our panel of judges have finished up voting for their favorite entries from our Jewelry Designer Challenge and three winners have been selected! Here are the judging criteria that we based our votes on:

Judging Criteria:

  1. Use of at least 75% of the challenge product listed
  2. How well you incorporated Vintaj Natural Brass products into your design
  3. How well the challenge product is showcased in your piece
  4. The individuality and creativity of your design
  5. The quality of your work

Now lets not keep you waiting any longer! The winners of FusionBeads.com gift certificates worth $75 each are (in no particular order)…Janeen S., Becky G. and Lynell K.! Congratulations, ladies! Here are photos of the winning designs:

Janeen’s Bracelet! Vanilla Designs – http://wildvanilladesigns.com/

Becky’s Necklace!

Lynell’s Necklace and Earrings!


Congratulations to the winners! – Allie

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