Recycled Leather Jewelry

Ever wondered what to do once you have worn out your leather purse, or the style just isn’t “you” anymore? Well, look no further! Here are some great ideas on taking your old purse and creating some stunning recycled leather jewelry.

Before shots
There are two purses that I used to make my jewelry.
I cut off all the leather that I could use and threw away the rest (like the lining, clasps and some ruined spots).
I chose to make a cuff, a pair of earrings, a necklace and a pendant.





The cuff
I measured the size I wanted and cut the appropriate amount of leather from the biggest piece I had. Next, I used Staz-on Ink and rubber stamps to carefully apply some black stamped designs to the cuff surface. Then I found a gorgeous Swarovski Elements Crystal button and sewed it onto one end of the cuff. To find the spot on the other side where I needed to cut the hole for the button, I marked the cuff with a pencil before making the cut.

The earrings
I cut two of the same geometric shapes and used the suede side of the maroon leather. I added a hole with the metal hole punch pliers, attached my jump rings and ear wires, and voila – easy cute graphic earrings!

The pendant
I made the same rubber stamp design print on the silver leather and cut a rectangle piece to fit the bezel pendant. A vibrant silk ribbon made the perfect stringing material to show off this unusual silver pendant.

Then my most favorite piece of all: the leather necklace. I cut some scraps of leather in a tiered pattern, made holes for the jump rings with the metal hole punch, strung the entire piece, added the chain, and now I have a stylish up-cycled leather necklace!

There are so many more things you could do with old leather, too many to fit here, but hopefully this blog has been inspiration enough. Can’t wait to see what you make! – Sam

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  • Karen

    My favorite is the cuff for sure! It’s stunning and I love the color and the stamp you used!

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