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Even though it’s only July, it’s never too early to start creating jewelry for the holiday season! I like to minimize last minute panic and stress by working on presents for the holidays now, before the chaos of parties, baking treats and shopping for those few presents you just can’t make. Today’s tips will help you get organized for the holidays ahead of time!

The first step to preparing for the holiday season is to figure out exactly what you need to make! I use a notebook to track what I’ve made for friends and family in previous years, as well as any hints they’ve dropped about what they’d like in the future. For those of you that prefer your information to be digital, you can keep track of gift projects in a Word document or spreadsheet.

When you’ve decided what to make, then it’s time to assemble your supplies. Take a look through your beading stash and separate the materials you’ll be using for gifts. You can figure out what supplies you still need to purchase and make sure you don’t accidentally use a crucial material for another project. You probably have handy plastic bags leftover from your FusionBeads.com orders and these make great storage containers for projects-in-progress. Label each baggie with the gift recipient’s name and use it to store supplies as well as design notes or images! You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to get projects done with everything pre-organized in one spot. And before you know it you’ll be ready for a relaxing winter holiday season!


Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen

6 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks

  • What a great idea to keep track. I gave every member of a class (over 40) pairs of earrings for Christmas. Now I have no idea what I gave them if I want to do more. Not only that, half the time I don’t recognize my own creation when I see them in class.

  • It’s a good idea to know what you do to someone it keeps you to make presents twice thanks.

  • In my dreams would I be this organized LOL… but I agree this is a fantastic, stress-free way to keep track of Christmas past, present and yet to come!

  • What great tips! I make A LOT of presents and it is so hard to keep track of what I made for each person. I know this will help with my holiday stress Thanks a million!

  • Gorgeous ideas – must start organizing myself a bit better :) Hoepfully no more 2 am gift wrapping this time!

  • Awesome ideas! I like that you have a special place just for gifts to be made. I’ve always got a few projects going at the same time, (especially when my muse visits-lol) so I keep track of them by using zip lock bags. Thanks for the great tips! Definitely going to try this for the holidays this year. :)

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