Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

One of the most popular ways to finish and seal the ends of a cord project is to use a lighter or match and melt the fibers of your cord together. But watch out, this trick only works with synthetic fibers! Cords made of natural fibers, like cotton, silk, satin or hemp, will catch fire and burn instead of melt. Today’s tip will help you finish your cord projects safely, without charring your project or your fingers!

For natural fiber cords, try sealing your ends with a light coat of clear nail polish or an adhesive like Hypo Fabric Cement . The fine tip applicator on this adhesive makes sealing the end of a cord a breeze. Remember, less is more! You won’t need much adhesive to effectively seal your ends and too much can give the cord a wet look.

To see other tips on applying glue to small areas, check out our Tip & Tricks post from 4-10-2012 .

Happy Beading – Gretchen

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