Nautical Color Idea Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Carmen P., on winning this fun Nautical Color Idea Giveaway!

To celebrate the summer we have decided to giveaway an assortment of beads, charms, and stringing materials that our inspired by our newest color idea, Set Sail! One lucky winner will get their hands on all of these fun products in the picture above! For a chance to win this amazing stash of nautical goodies, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favorite part of summer is! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, July 13, 2012, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail.

Good Luck! – Allie

144 comments to Nautical Color Idea Giveaway!

  • The Beach…beach…beach….sand and did I say the Beach!!!!! it gives me many inspirations for jewelry….oh flowers and the beach! lol

  • Shannon

    I love to watch my daughter play in the sprinkler! And, celebrating my birthday in the summer is always a lot of fun!

  • Shana Cohen

    Getting to have a vacation.. even if it is only a day trip. This year my best friend and I are finally getting to go to Maine after around 5 years! We used to go every year but money was tight. It’s going to be nostalgia :] I’m excited for memories!

  • Leslie

    Floating in my pool! Having the time to create jewelry

  • The long days are my favorite part of summer. Taking late evening walks while the sunsets and the air is still warm. Ahhh, summer.

  • adrianne

    I love the flowers summer brings. Each flower color’s color and shape is an amazing miracle of nature!!

  • Lisa

    I love the time spent in my garden, babying all my beautiful flowers. Long days, ending in a gleaming twilight bring back memories of playing outside “until the street lights come on”. Designing new jewelry pieces for summer has become one of my favorite parts of summertime too!

  • I love being able to spend time in the pool or going to the beach, it seems peaceful no matter how many people are there.

  • Glenda

    Grilling, swimming, beading and relaxing…my favorite summer to-do-list! :)

  • Brenda Ortiz

    Spending time with family!!

  • My favorite part about summer is that it is NOT snowing!!!!!!

  • Kathy

    I love the warm days of summer, but when ie’s to hot outside I just love to craft.

  • The heat the sun, the beach, the festivals! Just setting up my Etsy shop so free is my favorite price…

  • Leah

    I’m a teacher I love everyday of summer!

  • Lynne

    I love the sunshine! How can you have a bad day when it’s so beautiful outside!

  • Janeen

    Being able to walk around town with my family in the evenings. I love the longer hours of light and the (hopefully) drier days.

  • Karen

    Playing on the water with the kiddos

  • Zona

    I love watching my grandchildren play in the water sprinkler & chase fire flies.

  • My favorite part of summer is a toss up between craft shows and the beach. Craft shows on the beach would just be the bees knees :)

  • Vanessa

    Harvesting fresh produce from the garden.

  • Susan

    Spending time with friends and family, enjoying the water and company, sitting along the river with a nice cold glass of iced tea watching the boats go up and down the river. The opportunity to be able to jump into the water to cool off and not have to worry about freezing when you get out :)
    Sitting outside under the sun with your craft supply and project in mind — sitting listening to the birds and enjoying the breeze and before you know it — you have a finished craft that you are proud of.

  • Lynn

    The end of summer! Fall will be on it’s way, we’ll leave the heat behind us.

  • Marge b

    The best part of summer is going to the camper sitting on the deck and beading.

  • Dixie

    Sun, Sun, Sun!

  • My favorite part of summer is daylight savings time. I love it when I get home and there are still a few more hours of light.

  • Karen Niemczura

    Taking my granddaughter to the pool and teaching her to swim.

  • My favorite part of summer is having the time to create all of the jewelry I dream about during the school year.

  • Joan

    My favorite part is baseball–MLB, Little League, neighborhood game, it doesn’t matter. I don’t play very well but I love to watch and it seems to me to be one of the most quintessential American summer things I can think of!

  • andrea porter

    Spending time at the lake!

  • Sharon

    I love to go to Lake Michigan and listen to the waves come in and watch the beautiful sunset.. I sit in my lawn chair and think about what project I will make beading next?

  • Anne

    Sitting on a sailboat in the San Juans…pondering my next beading project and who I’ll give it to…inspired by the sunset, the light on the water, and the shimmering trees.

  • I love planning out my color theme for my flowers every year. This year its blues yellows and fuschia.

  • Jesica T.

    My fav parts of summer are my birthday, along with juicy sweet watermelon and lots bbq & outdoor get togethers.

  • My favorite part of summer is swimming, and getting together with family.

  • The Beach….this year we are only about a 20 minute drive through the canyon to get there and out of the heat…

  • Love celebrating 4th of July!

  • PegN

    My favorite part of summer is the beach and the ocean. I love the watersports.

  • Victoria Lane

    More daylight hours is my favorite part of summer because beading with happy sunlight streaming through the window is pure joy!

  • Debbie D

    My favorite part of summer is all the wonderful fruit!!!

  • Janine Boparai

    I love the busy laziness summer seems to have. People are doing things and it’s wonderful weather but nobody seems to be rushing about like is so often in fall/winter. Oh and beading outside. =)

  • My fav part of summer? Slower days, soaking up the sun and beachy things that lead to jewelry making :)

  • Carol Cady

    My favorite part of summer is corn on the cob.


  • Victoria Carroll

    Longer daylight hours spent outside with friends and family.

  • Stephanie Pierret

    I love the beach… beach…..beach, and I love to make fun jewelry items to wear in the summer. I would really love to win this beading stash!

  • Gloria Patterson

    I have fond memories of going to Santa Cruz Beach when I was a kid with our family. We would get up at the crack of dawn and get to the beach in time for breakfast. We would swim and soak up the sun and eat. We would stay all day and have bbq dinner and go home afterwards.

  • nancy gouveia

    Getting together with friends and family, and enjoying good company, sunshine and summer breezes!

  • Patty L

    WOW, what a beachy theme giveaway. I would love to win this package of goodies to make some summer jewelry.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win,

  • August is my favorite part of summer. The wheat in the fields is turning gold. Horses and cattle are sleek and healthy. The skies are blue with only occasional cotton candy clouds. Crickets chirp and thunder rumbles. I love August because it is the zenith of the twelve months.

  • Patty L

    Enjoying the sand and water is the best part of the summer time when you are enjoying it with family and friends.

  • M Tracy

    The smell of grass when the sun beats down on it, hot sand under my feet, unsweetened iced tea and watermelon.