Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

One of the nice things about investing in a high end metal stamping set is that these stamps come with a mark on the side of the stamp that is held by your thumb to help you orient the letter, number or image. It’s easy to stamp an upside-down letter in your piece, especially when you’re work quickly, but thumb marks help prevent wasteful errors. Most cost-effective sets don’t have these marks, but you can add your own!

 Lay out all of your stamps on your work surface so that the letters are upside down. If you’re having trouble figuring out the orientation of the stamp, give it a light tap on scrap copper sheet metal to make sure you lay the stamp down in the correct direction. You can mark your stamps with a dot of bright nail polish individually or if you have a need for speed swipe the nail polish brush across all of them at once. Once the paint or nail polish is dry you’re ready to use your new customized stamps!

 If you have precision painting skills, you can go one step further in customizing your metal stamps and add the number or letter of the stamp just above your thumb mark to easily identify which stamp is which!


Happy Stamping! – Gretchen

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