Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

When packing my jewelry collection for a recent move I found fabulous pieces that I hadn’t worn in so long I’d forgotten I owned them! It was definitely time to do some spring (or early summer) cleaning. Instead of letting all of that jewelry collect dust in the bottom of your jewelry box, try purging your collection with this easy trick!

 The hardest part of cleaning out your jewelry box is deciding what goes and what stays. One way to make that decision is to figure out which pieces you wear frequently and which never leave the box. To divide up your jewelry, set up a secondary jewelry storage spot, like another jewelry box, decorative bowl, stand or even just a shoe box. For one month, place each piece of jewelry in this second location after you wear it. At the end of the month, look in your jewelry box to see which pieces you haven’t worn and can live without!

 There are lots of places to send those earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces you haven’t worn. Goodwill donation centers accept jewelry, as do most women’s shelters. Brainstorm whether a friend or family member has coveted a particular necklace or bracelet that you hardly ever wear – it might be time to gift it to them! And if all else fails, you can always dismantle an unused piece of jewelry and reuse the parts!

 Happy Tuesday! –Gretchen

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