Tool Storage Ideas

Tools are certainly not the easiest thing to store since there are so many odd shapes and sizes. But with a little thought and some creativity, you can create some wonderful storage solutions. Below are some ideas to inspire you as well as my very own studio’s tool storage solutions.

To create a storage solution for your work table or jewelers bench that will hold your pliers, cutters, paint brushes, pens, rulers and scissors, you can use a variety of jars, tins or cups. Mason jars (or recycled food jars) can be a simple clean solution. You can even color code them and add sticker labels for deliberate storage.

Another idea is to use old cans from tomatoes or beans. Once you’ve cleaned them and removed the labels you can paint them with chalk board paint and then label them with little chalk notes for a cute, removable labeling solution.  Old mugs or glasses would also work well to hold your smaller handled tools.

For wall mounted storage, you can get some peg board from a hardware store, add some hooks and hang your tools on the board. You could even paint it a fun color and outline where your tools should go to make it even cuter. Old wire shelves or reclaimed card catalogues are a useful storage solution.  Collecting cigar boxes and old fruit or milk boxes could be another way to create multiple shaped storage solutions fitted to your needs. Unfortunately the walls of my studio are too hard for me to hammer or screw in any nails, but I found a wonderful old desk organizer at a flea market that I used to organize my tools. I cleaned it out (so many cobwebs!) and then added little printed labels so I can easily find things. Here are some before and after photos for you.

Tool chaos!

Old desk organizer.



Voila! Finished. So clean and organized.

For larger tools like butane torches, tumblers, or soldering irons, you could get some baskets or storage bins from somewhere like IKEA or Target to store over-sized tools in. I recycled some large old metal tins that I found and created an ideal storage solution for my fusing, glitter and encaustic supplies.

Fusing tin contains: butane torches, butane and my fire brick.

Encaustic tin contains: brushes, bees wax, resin and metal bowls.  Glitter tin contains: well, yes, I have an entire tin of glitter!

Take a look at the Pinterest Board I created which has sourced a multitude of these fun ideas. What are you going to use to organize your tools? – Sam

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