Popular Past Inspiration Jewelry Giveaway!


This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Nicole M., on winning our popular and stunning We’re Not in Kansas Anymore Necklace and  Angelina Earrings!

We’ve definitely had some amazing inspiration pieces made throughout the year by our jewelry designers here at FusionBeads.com, but two of our most popular would have to be our Angelina Earrings and We’re Not in Kansas Anymore Necklace! Both of these fabulous pieces make a bold statement using our 28mm Emerald Swarovski Elements Crystal Graphic Pendant! Winter, spring, summer or fall, emerald is always a great choice in color! These pieces can be worn together or seperate, either way, you’ll be sure to turn heads everywhere you go! If you love the look of these beautiful pieces of jewelry you’ll be excited to know that we are giving them away to one lucky winner! For a chance to win the jewelry in the photo above, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what some of your favorite FusionBeads.com inspiration pieces are! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, June 29, 2012, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail.

Good Luck! – Allie

144 comments to Popular Past Inspiration Jewelry Giveaway!

  • Rebecca johnson

    I love every time there is a inspiration that showcases a new technique. Gives me something new to create for a while.

  • Beverly Wilder

    It would be easier to type in what I didn’t like. Ilove so many of them. But my favorites for 2012 would be:
    Irish eyes earrings
    Angelina earrings
    Golden emerald necklace
    Born in the USA earrings
    Lady grantham necklace
    Coral reef anemone bracelet
    And of course We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

  • Each inspiration piece has it’s own nuance of – well – inspiration! But I will admit to getting a little palpatation over emerald green beauties!

  • Tracie

    I recently made a triple wrap bracelet that came out really well. The inspiration example and instructions were great.

  • Angela Menne

    I think the plane giveaway kit is a really neat idea to get yiur beading inspiration groove on while flying on the plane. Plus, I just love a lot of your past giveaways like the emerald green beautiful necklace and earring set that you’re giving away in this blog. They’re simply classy and elegant styles that one can wear all year round. :)

  • My personal favorite is the newest one, *Sunrise*. I LOVE it and never thought to use the tila beads like that!! In fact I didn’t think that I would ever use any because I can not stitch, lol, but now I wanna buy some and make my own version!!

  • Bonnie

    I liked the copper baubles the best because copper is my favorite design element!

  • Silver Lake and Merlot are gorgeous!!!

  • Michelle Winkler

    My favorite inspiration pieces are ones that highlight a new stitching technic. That way, the inspiration can morph into multiple future projects.

  • Mary

    Your detailed instructions that go with the inspirations are AWESOME!!! Technique pictures are SO helpful!

  • Julie Banks

    The Flower Drop Necklace from May inspired several different creations! I love the Angelina earring and the We’re Not in Kansas Anymore necklace!

  • Kaydee

    My all-time favourite is: Honeyflower Bracelet. I just love using lampwork beads and Swarovski crystal. Gorgeous!

  • Beth Bauer

    I think the question should not be what are some of my favorite inspirational projects but which ones aren’t my favorites! Oh well, since I have to pick but a few, here goes: 1) “Give a Hoot” Earrings; made for my niece to celebrate her high school graduation & to coordinate with her first tattoo — an owl! 2) “Red Bauble” earrings; made to go with so many of my clothes. Yes, for once, I actually did not gift, sell, or give away one of my creations. In addition, I used the style of the earring to craft a pendant as a coordinating piece.

    My thanks to Fusion Beads for always inspiring me & for being kind enough to remember that Alaska is one of the U.S. states, thereby shipping here for free as well as in the contiguous U.S. states. You rock!!

  • Shaiha

    There are so many of them but one that recently gave me inspiration is Raspberry Harvest Earrings

  • Tonya Muller

    I find something to love about all the inspirations pieces, so I’ll have to narrow it down to this month so far my favorites are: Peacock Bracelet and Coral Reef Anemone Bracelet. I really love the colors.

  • Jude

    What an astute blogger! Instead of asking readers for their favourite, we’re allowed favourites – as in multiple pieces. Many, if not all, would never be able to narrow it down to one!

    What I love best are the bead woven pieces. Many of them, I really love & use but my all-time favourite is the collection of Anemone Stitch Bracelets. Thanks to Fusion Beads’ generosity, instructions for the various bead weaving techniques are given which are well explained & easily understood. And with these techniques, the Inspiration pages show us what can be done with them.

    I’ve pointed many to Fusion Beads’ pages to learn how to make jewelry. Thank you, Fusion Beads!

  • Janet L.

    The pieces show cased here are definitely one of my favorites. I also love the angel wings done in gunmetal. I look forward to seeing new inspiration pieces for ideas.

  • MelodyJ

    I love the Christmas Snowflake Ornaments. My favorite was a necklace that was on FB website the year I dicovered it. It was a multi chain vintage inspired necklace. When I emailed about it no one knew what I was talking about. It’s not on the site anymore. I was told it wasn’t in the shop either. The Stringing Magazine projects are old favorites of mine as well.


  • Kelley Matthews

    Some of the inspirations are Spiralize Bracelet and Peacock Bracelet and Coral Reef Anemone Bracelet and Flower Drop Necklace and the list goes on. It might be easier to list the ones that don’t give me inspiration, that would be a very short list.

  • Carol Dukich

    I loved the coral reef bracelet and I think one of my all-time favorites were the Dark Wing earrings. those were fabulous! Another favorite is Old Love earrings – I made those and everyone just loved them. Thanks for all the inspiration and the techniques pages!

  • Kathy

    I love the “girly” designs!! One of my favorites has been the Christmas snowflake earrings with a simple crystal and the crystal laden silver metal “flake”! I get so many ideas and I just love the Emerald necklace and earrings!! Thanks for the beautiful ideas!!

  • Dorothy

    Well, I’ve got to limit my answer to the recent pieces at the risk of taking over the blog due to sheer length of what my message would be if I listed them all. Sooo…..

    Recently, I really love Coral Reef Anemone bracelet, Fields of Gold earrings, and Sunrise bracelet… Lemon Lime and Soda Fountain are also gorgeous and could be done in so very many variations, of course. I also love your seed bead weaving pieces.

  • Jeanne Chavez

    I love all the inspiration pieces but usually choose one each month to create. I especially loved the True Love wrapped bracelet (although I’ve been waiting for you to get that button back in stock!) and the Wild at Heart stitched bracelet. I went to Tucson Bead show and bought all my seed beads to make the Wild at Heart stitched bracelet.
    I really love almoost all your choices to inspire us with!

  • Shelli

    I learned how to stamp, I used washers from the hardware store, very fun

  • Anna

    My favorite earrings are “Emerald City Night” Earrings.
    Made them for my 19 old daughter and myself.
    I love to look at all of the inspiration pieces you give us.

  • Nicole Medlock

    I made “Kiss of Peach” bracelets. I got made one bracelet and I got so many compliments from so many of my friends and family that I made them each one. I also incorporated differenct colors also, ie. silver and charcoal pearls, chartreuse and white pearls. My friends told me they got many compliments as well, from co-workers and family. I love using your “inspiration corner” because I truly get inspired. Thanks Fusion Bead designers!

  • Sharon Hensley

    This reminds me of something that Uther Pendragon would give to Morgana as a present. Beautiful!!!

  • kristin

    Always something new or a new way to use something old. it gets those creative juices going

  • Peggy Furr

    I especially like the Sea Cucumber bracelet using the Anemone technique. It is a fun needle and thread bracelet that is not too, too difficult or time consuming yet has a wonderful artsy look. Thanks for the great opportunity to enter to win this GREAT set!!!

  • Anne

    I am completely infatuated with the wire wrapped rings!

    This one uses a spiral design I particularly like…

  • I like this post because vintage design really inspires me!

  • Meagan Overman

    My favorite inspiration pieces are A Sparkling Good Time!, Mega Watt, and the newest favorite is Braided Bliss! Perhaps what I love most about FusionBeads.com is that it’s given me helpful guides and projects that have taught me knew techniques and new ways of thinking about and designing jewelry. Oh yeah, and who could forget all the sweet deals and free shipping! <3

  • Fay Lim

    Emerald…a favorite. Ok, its also my birth stone. The month of Feb had so many! Irish eyes, Golden Emerald, Emerald City Night, Angelina and more. Love also…We’re not in Kansas Anymore Necklace too. All elegant and can be worn with confidence by this emerald green lover.

  • maritsa

    Just love this!!!!!my favorite inspiration is your pieces with mixed metals and your strung bracelets….adore them!!!

  • Cindy

    There are some many inspiration pieces to choose from. Today I am wearing the “First Comes Love” bracelet with the “Simplicity” earrings. My holiday favorites include “O Holy Night” earrings and the “Black Widow” bracelet.

  • Tabitha

    These are two of my favorite inspiration pieces! I would be so excited to win these! I also love a lot of the Under $25 earrings! Some of my favorite inspiration pieces include: *Ice Cream Social*, *With a Bow on Top*, *Deluxe*, *Peek-a-Boo Paisley Earrings*, *A Christmas to Remember*, *American Classic*, and *I’m Sweet on You*. There are a lot of bracelets I love as well! I love Fusion Beads because it is so easy to order from the materials list on the inspiration page! =)

  • mary

    I knew I saw this necklace somewhere…seems there is a woman out there copy not only pages of other people’s websites but also their jewelry pieces!

  • Anitra

    Green is a favorite color of mine and in these pieces it looks striking! Wearable any season of the year.

  • Far too many lovely choices to take into consideration. So, if I narrow it down to just this June, I would have to pick the lovely Coral Reef Anemone Bracelet. The colors are spot on, summery, fun, warm and oh so beachy.

  • Debbie

    I absolutely love the emerald set. It looks like it came from Elizabeth Taylors collection. I have made many things from your inspirations. I look at your inspirations as well as techinques and combine them to make my own designs and then create like crazy.
    One of my favorites was under techniques: covering a componet. I was not very good at wirework, but this I could do well. Thank you so much.

  • Christa Krebs

    I absolutely LOVE the “Never Forget Me” bracelet. Wow. That’s all I can say!

  • Shelley Mack

    Dark Wing earrings, love the contrast of bright and dark color. Golden Emerald Necklace form February, my birthstone!

  • Melissa

    The gold “Jingle” earrings are one of my favorites. I always get compliments on them and have recreated them for a couple of friends that really loved them. I ended up adding a few more beads to the already great design. The hot pink crystal is such a great attention getter.