Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

One of the best stringing products for pearl knotting and projects with exposed thread are the Griffin Silk Bead Cords and Griffin Nylon Bead Cords. You can choose a coordinating cord for a traditional pearl knotted piece, like our Here Comes the Bride Necklace or use a cord that contrasts with your beads, like in our Mossy Necklace. These bright colored cords come with a twisted stainless steel needle attached to one end, making them a great choice for fast and easy stringing. But when you take this cord off its cardboard card the cord will have folds and sharp corners from the packaging.

Stretching your cord will remove these kinks, allowing your project to lay flat with an attractive drape and make it easier to string your beads. You can stretch your cord by hand, grasping the cord firmly in each hand and pulling it in opposite directions. I like to work my way down the cord, stretching about 1 foot at a time. Take your time when stretching – too much pressure can snap a thinner cord or pull the needle off. If you have more time before starting your project and are using a thicker cord, try tying a soup can or coffee mug to each end of your cord and hanging it over a door overnight.

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen

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