Perfect Plane Project Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Dixie H., on winning this Perfect Plane Project!

It’s that time of year- the kids are out of school and the vacation plans are in full swing! Many of us love taking our beading projects along when we travel, but if you are a beader, you know that transporting all of your materials can be a bit of a pain. Bead weaving projects are a great choice for your tropical getaway to the Bahamas because they don’t require any pliers or cutters, which may not fly with the airport security. You’ve got plenty to plan out already, so we’ve decided to make planning a travel beading project a little easier for you! One lucky winner will receive all that you see in this photo above: a® Exclusive Beginner Bracelet Kit, Bead Board with Folder Organizer, Beading NeedlesMagnetized Needle Case, Thread Cutter Pendant and a Clear Plastic Storage Box with 24 Flip Top Boxes to hold all your beads! All of these goodies will be sure to relieve a little stress come time for travel! For a chance to win this perfect plane project kit, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favorite travel project is! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, June 15, 2012, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail.

Good Luck! – Allie

199 comments to Perfect Plane Project Giveaway!

  • I prefer a simple peyote type design for beading while traveling

  • I like to spend my flying time doing preliminary design on my projects… my creative time… the time when my pieces are “born.” With this kit, I could also work on actual bead weaving! I have a 10-hour flight coming up, so what an excellent opportunity to do something else, too!

  • P B

    I’ve never had the opportunity to bead while traveling, so this is something that is provoking me to use my imagination. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • April Morgan-Salo

    I like to carry my tatting when traveling. It’s small, doesn’t set off metal detectors and easy to do when even just a few minutes present itself free. I put a selection of beads in small bags and sort with color of thread and have them ready to go for whatever project I decide to do.

  • I love to do kumihimo while away from home. I haven’t done beaded kumihimo, but that’s my next project to tackle.

  • I prefer simple stringing….that way I wouldn’t have to take quite so many supplies along!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Virginia DeKerpel

    I’ve been working on a bracelet on memory wire

  • Kathyrn

    I love to do kumihimo when I travel. The disk makes it easy.

  • Oh Susannah Bradley

    Bead board with organizer is on my birthday list…..bead weaving is my travel preference activity. Great giveaway!

  • MelodyJ

    I haven’t done a travel project yet.


  • I don’t bead on planes, but when I go on holiday, I take a UFO – an UnFinished Object, with only the beads that the UFO requires, so I can’t start something new. I finally have to finish it. :-) I don’t always do, though. :-DD
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Cindy

    Love this!! is great to travel with!!

  • Cindy

    Love this!! What a great way to travel!! I’m sure a plane isn’t the4 only way!! Car too!!

  • Cornella

    I don’t travel on a plane…but I would like something to bring with me when I travel on long trips on the bus.

  • Beverly Baker

    I like to make peyote tubes, goes fast and can make alot when traveling.

  • I haven’t done much travel beading so far, as I don’t travel by plane, but If I spent more than 5 hours on a train I would definitely do bead embroidery! :)

  • Varda

    my choice would be a simple peyote braclelt

  • When I travel, I love to use the time to get inspiration, and observe what other people are wearing! My time on planes and in the airport is spent drawing on my sketchbook gathering ideas.

  • Cecille

    My favorite travel projects, whether a vacation, a grandchild’s sports game or a waiting room, are bead crochet and bead knitting. They are small, portable projects that fit in my purse and all beads are strung beforehand so I don’t have to crawl around searching for dropped supplies.

  • Lorrie Harris

    Anything that wil stay on my mat …. Lol!

  • Liza

    I want to play! When traveling, I usually Beadcrochets. :)

  • jackie koudry

    I like to take necklace and bracelet projects to make using my favorite stitch RAW.

  • Denise Schwartz

    I take along an ndebele bracelet project

  • quiltingpug

    my new favorite stitch is tubular netting.

  • Heather Elizabeth

    Haven’t beaded while away yet either. Would love the chance!

  • Ronda

    I usually bring wire wrapping projects with me. I also make it a point to visit as many bead stores as I can at my destination, and to incorporate beads I buy there into my project for a great handmade souvenir.

  • Charlene Kenney

    :) With this travel kit, I’d never have to leave my beading at home again!

  • I have never done a travel project. I look forward to the opportunity!

  • My favorite travel project is to take along all of my unfinished bracelets,etc. and finish them while enroute. That way I’ll have something extra to have with me in case of needing a gift for anything unexpected that may pop up which it always does.o maybe taking along something I had in mind to make and give to that special relative I don’t get to see as often as i’d like. And that my freinds is my favorite travel project so I never have to get bored while I’m on the way. Serena Oklahoma City

  • Lee Anne

    I usually do viking knit. It is small and compact. What a “neat” giveaway!

  • Monica D.

    I haven’t dared to take a beading project on a plane :-(. But your last couple of posts have been opening my eyes to the possibilities.

  • Sara ronayne

    I love this kit! I think the perfect travel project
    Is wrap bracelets! They are easy to make and can
    Be worn upon your arrival to your travel destination!
    This travel kit is perfect for wrap bracelets!

  • Sarah McAbee

    If I take a project with me, I usually travel with simple stinging pieces. But my favorite beading activity while traveling is visiting bead stores. We don’t have many close to my house, so I always drag my poor hubby to at least one when we’re out of town. He’s such a good sport!

  • My vote goes for bead knitting due to the previously mentioned advantage of having ready done strings with me. No matter what the surface is, you can still work easily and stow away everything fast. With the listed giveaway items however, a whole new light is shed on finer possibilities. I’d love to have me such a starter package!

  • Ruth Chappell

    I never thought about the possibility of beading on the plane. I think I could do my peyote stitch bracelets with this travel kit! Thanks for the ideas!

  • my favorite travel project so far has been the series of small beadwoven hearts I did. Each one worked up quickly, so you felt like you were accomplishing something even when you only had a few minutes here and there to bead.

  • Jane Morris Coons

    I have a mini bead board and mini pliers that I bought in a kit. I love to visit bead stores where I vacation – my favorite is on Cape Cod. I’ll pick up some beads for a project; whatever suits my fancy. I fill a small plastic bag with findings from home, along with common stringing materials. Then I’m all set to bead, and have the finished piece as a souvenier as I bought the beads on my vacation.

  • Mary

    OMG! Who ever even considered beading while flying? This is the greatest idea since sliced bread! In the car? Yes! Last time I took my supplies someplace, it took up a large plastic container and most of the luggage area of my SUV…How cool to have everything in a small portable case. The wheels are turning as I consider the possibilities…

  • Linda Hoppenstedt

    I love beadweaving. It’s always easy to work with a small pile of seed beads and crystals or pearls doing a peyote or RAW project. I love the idea of the travel kit.

  • Janet

    This is a great thing. My travel is usually to my great nieces in Texas, and we always make jewelry. I’ve left supplies there, but they’re kids! Sometimes we can’t find them! It would be so nice to take my own easily, and take specific beads in an easy, protected way. The peyote bracelet is great because I need to finally learn it right – I’m more of a RAW and netting person. Also, I travel regionally for work – this would be a nice way to unwind in the hotel room. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Judit Sturovics

    My favorite travel project peyote , “Hawai”

  • Tricia

    I enjoy doing small projects that I can complete in transit, such as small peyote band rings with only one or two colors so there are not too many things to keep track of. Love the travel beading board!

  • Kristie

    I like taking easy projects with me like memory wire, and even that can make a mess in the car! I’ve never tried bead weaving so I don’t know if it would be any less messy lol.

  • Michelle W

    I just learned Kumihimo with beads. I think this would make a good travel project.

  • Debbie

    I have never beaded while traveling, but this kit would certainly make it easy to do so!

  • Tracey Levandoski

    Spiral Rope with few colors

  • Lisa T

    I don’t do a lot of travelling, so I’ve never done any beadwork that wasn’t done in my home. This kit looks really fabulous!!

  • I never beaded while travelling, was afraid my beads will fall on the floor and there will be a mess :-)

    I’d probably do a simple string necklace with large beads (easy to spot when they fall on the floor)

  • Pam Heutmaker

    I haven’t done any travel beading yet, but it would be fun to try it out with this kit!!

  • Lori Lindquist

    We drive a big diesel truck so beading on the road can be very challenging to say the least. Simple stringing is all I attempt to do but I take along a baking sheet anyway to lay all my beading supplies on.