Perfect Plane Project Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Dixie H., on winning this Perfect Plane Project!

It’s that time of year- the kids are out of school and the vacation plans are in full swing! Many of us love taking our beading projects along when we travel, but if you are a beader, you know that transporting all of your materials can be a bit of a pain. Bead weaving projects are a great choice for your tropical getaway to the Bahamas because they don’t require any pliers or cutters, which may not fly with the airport security. You’ve got plenty to plan out already, so we’ve decided to make planning a travel beading project a little easier for you! One lucky winner will receive all that you see in this photo above: a® Exclusive Beginner Bracelet Kit, Bead Board with Folder Organizer, Beading NeedlesMagnetized Needle Case, Thread Cutter Pendant and a Clear Plastic Storage Box with 24 Flip Top Boxes to hold all your beads! All of these goodies will be sure to relieve a little stress come time for travel! For a chance to win this perfect plane project kit, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favorite travel project is! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, June 15, 2012, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail.

Good Luck! – Allie

199 comments to Perfect Plane Project Giveaway!

  • Snowgram

    i don’t take beading on the plane with me… too much trouble going through security with tools…lol… and i have visions of beads going everywhere… i thought i would try making my own kits that don’t include to many tools or parts and put them in small zip lock bags…

  • Becca

    I am terrified of flying, so I don’t have any “plane projects” but this looks like an awesome way to distract me from being in an airplane, and a better alternative to having to be knocked out!

  • Marcia Beck

    I’m leaving June 28 for Scotland & Ireland. This would be the best kit to take along to keep me occupied on the long flight! I haven’t done peyote in quite a long time so this would be a great refresher.

  • Bridgette Reichwein

    I like doing peyote projects. But I’m usually looking at beading magazines because I haven’t found the perfect travel kit that doesn’t weigh a ton! This would be great!!!

  • Brinna

    I love to take peyote seed bead projects traveling with me on the plane! The only problem I have is I generally end up with a whole lot of seed beads in the bottom of my carry on bag by the end of the trip. It would be amazing to have a travel kit to take my projects everywhere!!!

  • rena

    i love this idea to make jewelry for my family when i travel to them this summer :).. i hope to win this time

  • I’m not going anywhere by plane this summer but lots of long car rides to visit friends and family. Would be great to bring some of my projects along for the ride!!

  • Kathy Gabriel

    I like making chainmaille anywhere! I also enjoy making some of the wrap bracelets on the go, those travel well.

  • Mi proyecto de viaje favorito es la Isla de Capri.
    Estuve allí en 1961 en mi adolescencia (18 años)y no pude volver más. Pensé siempre que es el lugar más hermoso del mundo.
    Cuando hago beading con color averde azulado turquesa, recuerdo la gruta Azul…siempre.
    Muchos cariños a todos!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This kit is awesome, I usually end up with a lot of bead soup, my favorite travel project is something I can do that doesn’t take much counting or concentration like peyote, as there are a lot f distractions. Will you be selling these kits as well

  • LizN

    I haven’t done any beading on an airplane. But I can see doing simple projects as a way to make the time go faster on long flights.

  • Julie

    I was actually working on the Peyote Ruffle Bracelet kit on my last trip. Great for passing the time at the airport! Just kept breaking my needles…

  • Candace

    I enjoy making simple pairs of earrings while traveling.

  • Katie Speth

    I don’t plan on flying with my beading projects but I do take them all over the place. They often got to work with me and to craft fairs so I can keep busy on what I love.

  • Kelley Galyen

    Not planning a trip that involves air travel, but would love to take this on family trips to keep my hands busy! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Madeline E

    This would be so handy! I make such a mess of my supplies when I’m traveling, but I can’t just leave everything! I love bringing cabs and some seed beads to make bezeled pendants for friends and family

  • Peggy Furr

    I don’t fly; however love to make LuChan style leather beaded bracelets on road trips. Your system looks marvelous – would love to try it out! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • JennB_FL

    I don’t take stuff with me, but I would if I had this!

  • I travel by car most of the time but at times I do fly. My favorite projects is the ones that I do together with friends and family. I love to get others involved, especialy if it is for them, and they really get a thrill and so do I.

  • I like to take bead weaving projects along while I wait for the ferry to Whidbey Island. It’s a perfect way to pass the time…unless the sun is shining!

  • Leanna

    I do everything I can to avoid flying, however I do travel alot in the car. I often take supplies for making chainmaille projects or herringbone bracelets. This kit would be amazing to work with!

  • I like to either work on kumihimo or sometimes chain maille when on long car trips or plane trips.

  • Cheryl

    I don’t fly, but this would be a marvel with the kids in a hotel room!

  • Carol

    Looks like I need to learn the peote or something like it so I can do beading while I travel.

  • Julie willcott

    This would definately make long cross country trip more enjoyable.

  • Dori Benner

    my favorite travel project is the RAW X & O bracelet-it is easy to pack and you can use the same color for a while without having to switch alot

  • Rachael

    I would make lot’s of new earring designs.

  • Joan

    I travel for work part of the time and love to make braceletes while I am on the road. I really need one of these to help me stay organized while I’m traveling!

  • Becky Hoffmann

    I like to buy local beads, when I travel, and mix them in with beads from my stash.

  • Shelli

    I do peyote bracelets using size 11 seed beads, with a fringe around. I would love to sin this plane kit!

  • Taina Sturdivant

    I should win this because I never win anything and I can’t afford to travel. My mother won’t let me fly anyway. If I do win…I would enjoy your “Perfect Plane Project Giveaway”. I bead “on the fly”…don’t have to be on a plane to do it. Gotta love the “bead” and Fusion Beads always has what I need.

  • PegN

    My favorite travel project would be a simple right angle weave bracelet.

  • Betsy Loudon

    I don’t travel by plane much, but do travel in the car. I love to work on stitching projects…spiral being my favorite at this time. I also have a signature crystal ring that works well in the car. This kit would absolutely help keep those crystals and seed beads from getting lost!!

  • sharon

    Great idea. Now for a long plane ride. Like maybe to Australia to get more beads from DOWN UNDER.

  • Pam

    I love to fly and this looks like an excellent way to work on projects. I like to work on bracelets while flying. Once I get to my location, I can use the pliers which were checked in my luggage to attach the clasps.

  • Erin Laney

    Because crochet hooks are permitted on the plane I make beaded crochet necklaces and bracelets when I fly. Pre-string the beads (I like to mix glass beads and small paper beads I’ve handmade) on thin mercerized cotton and there’s no mess! Love the kit!

  • Christy

    What a cute travel kit! I would love to win this, then I would need to plan a trip to use it.

  • I haven’t yet taken jewelry-making supplies on a trip, but it sounds like a good idea as long as there isn’t a hassle with the security checkpoint. We go to Alaska often so it would be good to have something (besides reading and drinking, lol) to do for 12 hrs., including the frequent long layovers in this airport or the other!

  • Imogen

    I’ve never beaded while travelling for fear of beads going everywhere… this kit would change that though! I’d probably do something with peyote.

  • Marge Beebe

    My perfect vacationproject involves grabbing all my supplies in a big plastic box, hauling them to the camper and working on what I want. There are advantages to not flying.

  • I love to travel. The boyfriend and I are planning to go to the Bahamas this winter. Trying to bring my projects along has been nearly impossible in the past! This would be a fantasti first step to making travel easier on me and my craft.

  • Michelle

    Looks perfect to take along on camping trips. Compact. Portable. Don’t always have to fly somewhere yo have fun!

  • christine

    I make earrings and simple necklaces (sometimes w/souvenirs)when I travel. I haven’t tried peyote, yet – this would be a great chance to give it a try!!

  • I love beading and have been looking for something that i can travel with.

  • Dixie

    Love this idea. I travel a lot and like to make earrings and bracelets while traveling. Great conversation starters with fellow travelers too.

    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  • M1katm

    I haven’t done any projects on a plane but have taken some in my luggage to work on when I reach my destination.

  • Kathy Griffith

    A crochet hook and a skein of yarn are my favorite items to travel with.

  • I am working on a square stitch bead bracelet. If I pre-cut my thread and stick my beads into my empty medicine holder, I can work on it on the flight home. Hurrah! Kumihimo is great on a plane too (if your stuff is pre-cut)

  • Kelly McNulty

    I don’t fly often, but this set up would be nice on long trip. Everything is compact and in one easy to use space. No having to search through baggies. Nice set-up.

  • Teresa

    If I am traveling without kids then I would likely take my knitting or crochet along. I would love to be able to do beading in transit though.