Perfect Plane Project Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Dixie H., on winning this Perfect Plane Project!

It’s that time of year- the kids are out of school and the vacation plans are in full swing! Many of us love taking our beading projects along when we travel, but if you are a beader, you know that transporting all of your materials can be a bit of a pain. Bead weaving projects are a great choice for your tropical getaway to the Bahamas because they don’t require any pliers or cutters, which may not fly with the airport security. You’ve got plenty to plan out already, so we’ve decided to make planning a travel beading project a little easier for you! One lucky winner will receive all that you see in this photo above: a® Exclusive Beginner Bracelet Kit, Bead Board with Folder Organizer, Beading NeedlesMagnetized Needle Case, Thread Cutter Pendant and a Clear Plastic Storage Box with 24 Flip Top Boxes to hold all your beads! All of these goodies will be sure to relieve a little stress come time for travel! For a chance to win this perfect plane project kit, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favorite travel project is! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, June 15, 2012, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail.

Good Luck! – Allie

199 comments to Perfect Plane Project Giveaway!

  • Tina Rivera

    Wow if i had this it would give me more space for my beads.

  • Gail Currin

    I enjoy making bracelets and earrings when I am traveling. I can cut back on the amount of beads that I have out and keep things going quickly and then, on to the next one.

  • kathyS

    A peyote is my usual travel project –as long as the ride isn’t bumpy

  • Perfect for traveling!
    Now all I need are plane tickets to San Diego!

  • Victoria Lane

    My favorite travel projects are anything peyote. Nice simple stitch for when you’re traveling. So this peyote ruffle bracelet kit fits the bill!Thanks!

  • I always bring a journal and a technical pen so I never have to sharpen. I enjoy sketching all of the ideas that pop into my head while we spend time in new places. I never thought to bring beading supplies, but this kit makes the idea very appealing!

  • Donna Geurin

    I love this grouping. This would be great for any traveling trip not just the airplane. I also do peyote. I made a bracelet in the diesel truck on a trip back from Glacier National Park.

  • Pat

    Great for travel and always need more items for my beading…

  • Sharon

    Anything peyote.

  • Janice Bongiorno

    Since I’ll be traveling again very soon (family illness), I’m going to take 3 sizes of beads for a tubular peyote bracelet.I cut a dowel to 7″ so I can bead around it with ease. Having an entire kit available would be AWESOME!

  • I never tried to travel with my beads before, so this would be great! I have been wanting to learn peyote, and this is the perfect opportunity!

  • Gloria Patterson

    Granny Squares to make an afghan later.

  • Plane, train or car; I embroidery cause I’d be chasing beads. Unless I win of course………….

  • I used to cross stitch in the car, but I have become a bead addict!

  • I dream of a vacation with a brick stitch amulet pouch pattern I have had for forever without enough time to work on it ;)

  • When I go on vacation I take several sizes of seed beads and get started on Christmas gifts. I have a large family and I am new to beading so it will take until Christmas to get it all done. It don’t help that I have Multiple Sclerosis and some days my left arm and hand are numb.

  • Kim

    I have never tried to travel with beads.

  • Susan Atkinson

    Something for my granddaughters. They love “pretties” so hairbows and stretchy bracelets are usually on the list.

  • Sally

    I always love peyote for a travel project… I have a pattern for a small swatch to make earring drops. They are fast and work up quick. I am really interested in the new peyote “quick start”. I’ve got to look into that because I think it would make starting a peyote bracelet a lot easier!

  • LeaMaria

    My favorite plane project is weaving netting for glass ball Xmas ornaments. Being able to relax and focus on my beads eliminates the anxiety and stress of flying. A perfect distraction to anxiety and allows me the time to complete an ornament, particularly when flying to the East Coast.

  • Cindy Reilly

    my usual travel project is kumihimo. As long as the beads are pre strung all I need is my disc- no pliers, no scissors, nothing but the disc and there I go. ;)

  • Nina Hauke

    I have never tried to travel with my projects since I usually use pliers and wire cutters. I would LOVE to learn something new that would allow me to take projects along without worry about setting off security! :)

  • Vicki

    Bead crochet and viking knit are my favorite travel project for riding in the car. For night time at the hotel I love doing filled netting bangle bracelets.

  • desiree kloetsch

    I’m always terrified of spilling beads/needles everywhere (and under seats)! Yikes! I do sketches and fill out ideas for projects, when in the airport/plane. :)

  • Kathy Lowry

    My usual travel project consists of safety pins and seed beads. I am a Special Olympics coach and I make pins to trade with other coaches and athletes.

  • Would be nice to have an organizer for travel since i dont like to fly it would be a great diversion.

  • I find it easy to make a croceht bracelet or necklace when traveling. I do, however, have a very big bag that I take so when I have down time, I can make whatever I want!!

  • chris

    The best “away from home” projects are those beadweaving designs that take a long time to complete. All you need is just a few containers of seed beads, instructions and your IPOD stocked full of your favorite tunes. When you reach your destination, get out that OTT lamp and continue where you left off. Too bad you can’t plug in your OTT when you’re in the middle of travels.
    ‘would love to win, thanks for the opportunity.

  • I like to have a bead weaving project at hand.

  • Tina Comer

    I love to take smaller beading projects so not as much to travel with.

  • Mililani

    In a few months I will be travelling to CA for my parents anniversary…I plan on making all the women in my family mothers favorite color is all shades of each bracelet will be a different shade of purple..I’m excited about this bracelet plan!

  • I actually like making memory wire bracelets, since it’s easy to do. Then again, I’m usually the one driving, so I rarely have my hands free! I’d love to win this kit though, so I’d have a reason to not drive!

  • Rosa Anaya

    I have a Sister that lives in SFO. I visit her once or twice a year or more, she has a collection of beading jewelry, she’s Allways asking me to bring my beads when I come to SFO, because i’v taken several classes at fusion beads and she want to see my protests .
    It hard for me to bring a lot of beads , etc because I never thought of taking a Weabing project .
    Great idea

  • Christine Barron

    When I am traveling, I love to make bracelets and other items that I can finish fairly quickly and give away as gifts while I’m on the road!

  • Ragina Y.

    I love to go into beads stores in other states and towns. this kit will give me and incentive to go somewhere!

  • Cath Deakin

    Because you cant carry lots of things on planes now I took my braiding with me when we went on hols and the silks dont take up any room, also got the small disc so fits in hand bag. Any thing else will be in your case for when you arrive. :) x

  • Lara

    Pre-strung bead crochet ropes are a perfect travel project. When the rope and I return home, embellishments and findings get added.

  • Diane Wilkins

    I ALWAYS take my things with me because I’ve learned if I don’t someone always asks where my stuff is and they want something. So this would be perfect to take and make projects without taking everything. Making things to give away as gifts are among the top things I do – in January I lost my great niece so it was nice to put together a bunch of things for the benefit we had for funeral expenses.

  • Lynn Powell

    This would help me get started. And easy to pack and transport. Would love to have it.

  • Celeste

    I haven’t had the opportunity to travel with beads yet, but we’re taking a trip to South Dakota this summer and I was trying to find a way to take a project with me. This would be perfect.

  • Amanda

    A good travel project is anything I can do while moving. lol

  • Lisa Crowe

    My favorite travel project is bracelets, anklets, and toe rings. Love when i travel and make these then give them as gifts to loved ones. So much fun i truly love beading with a passion!

  • I love making 3D crystal beaded animals using RAW. I use nylon line so I don’t even need needles.

  • Donna

    Wow ! I am just getting into beading and this would be perfect for my upcoming trip! It would make things very easy to travel and bead….

  • Judy

    Bead crochet is the best travel project!

  • Courtney H

    Love this!! My favourite travel project is viking knit. I like to get a lot of weaves done so that when I get home I can just add beads and clasps!

  • Pam Beck

    I’ve never done a project while traveling, so this would give me a perfect excuse to start. Here’s hoping, have a great weekend, hugs!!!

  • Terry

    Great items to allow beading during the travel time and keeping the beads in check.

  • christine allard

    id love to win this….peyote is my favorite stitch.
    ive been looking for a website with free pattern forever…and fusion beads……OMG they have soo many patterns….i love your website!! :))) thanks for all the great patterns…my next project will be the new tila breacelt.

  • I am moving to Florida in October. We have decided to do a cross-country trip and I am already planning all the projects I am going to work on along the way. This would be an excellent organizer for a long distance trip!