June/July Beadwork Window Garden Bracelet Giveaway!

If you’re a fan of Beadwork Magazine then you’ve seen the wonderful cover of the June/July issue featuring work by our very own Glorianne Ljubich! The cover has her amazing Garden Meadows Bracelet that uses a variety of beautiful beads as well as bead weaving stitches! To celebrate her bracelet making the cover, we’ve decided to giveaway all of the materials you need to make this piece as well as the June/July issue of Beadwork Magazine! One lucky winner is going to win everything you see in the photo below! The materials include an assortment of seed beads, Swarovski Elements Crystal beads, needles, thread, synthetic beeswax and a thread burner! For a chance to win everything you need to make the Garden Meadow Bracelet, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favorite bead weaving stitch is! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, June 08, 2012, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Julie D., on winning this wonderful project!

Good Luck! – Allie

295 comments to June/July Beadwork Window Garden Bracelet Giveaway!

  • Julie Ann Grzebien

    The first beadweaving stitch I tried is the anemone at Fusion’s website. After a few false starts, and some “blue air”, I finished my first one. Then continued with 3 more, each one getting easier and quicker to complete. I have given them as gifts, and gotten lots of compliments from strangers. I just send them to your website!

  • jill hennes

    this is to great, a to go to be true chance at a faboulous project.

  • Josie McDonald

    I love the bracelet on the cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please oh please let me win the materials to make it!!
    P.S. Congratulations Glorianne Ljubich for making the cover, it was well deserved!!!!!!!!

  • Denise Schwartz

    Favorite beadweaving stitch – Ndebele. I find it extremely versatile, with a beautiful drape.

  • Ramonita Morales

    I love the peyote stitch it takes a little time to get used to doing it but It is so strong and beautiful when your project is done!!

  • Michelle R.

    My favorite weave is brick stitch, it was the first one I learned when I took a class to make earrings. The earrings I made were very similar to the ones I wore all the time when I was in high school. Love them!

  • My favorite bead weaving stitch is twisted tubular herringbone. It was the very first stitch I learned.

  • Stephanie Lincicome

    I have a tie between my favorite stitches; peyote & right angle weave.

  • My favorite is the Brick Stitch because so many things can be done with it. But I love them all and often make up my own depending on the project. This bracelet is beautiful and congrats for making the cover!

  • Lee Gonzales

    My favorite stitch is St Petersburg.

  • kathi scarpaci

    I am just getting into the bead weaving and I think IT IS AMAZING! I would like to have this to give it a try!!!!! PLEASE give me the ingredients!!!!

  • Liz Fennemore

    Fusion Beads is where I learned my first beadweaving techniques. I would love to learn how to make this beautiful bracelet!!

  • Lynne Goodwin

    favorite stitch is the peyote stitch.

  • Great bracelet! I’m torn between Peyote and RAW being my favorite stitch.

  • Jonna

    I would love to learn how to do the bead weaving so getting all the supplies would be a wonderful start! thanks!

  • The first sitch I learned was even flat peyote. I don’t do it that much anymore…just because I like variety and there are so many stitches to do!!! I don’t have a favotire…whatever catches my eye…I’ll try!!

  • Jen

    I love peyote stitch. But, the stitches in the bracelet make me happy, happy! Want to make!

  • I love the DNA strand stitch, still my favorite!

  • For sure, Cubic Right Angle Weave!

  • Ragina Y.

    My favorite stitch is Spiral Rope, it was the first stitch I learned and its still my favorite, I love that in can be made is so many colors and lots of Swarovski bicones! This gift would be a good challenge for me!

  • Triin

    Lovely bracelet! My first love is Peyote.. that’s what brought me to beading and even though i use RAW maybe even a bit more nowadays, i still love to spoil myself with a colorful peyote cuff every now and then:)
    And i would love to win this prize!

  • Jereda Lison

    My go to stitch is the Brick stitch because it’s easily done and can be done quickly!

  • claudia

    I like the RAW stitch, but at first it was really hard to understand. Thank you for the opportunity of winning this awesome package!

  • My favourite stich is peyote,but I like every bead stich!this bracelet is gorgeous

  • Mi'Yata

    My favorite is right angle weaving!!!

  • Dolly

    Peyote. Would love a chance to try to make this bracelet.

  • Kim

    Right now it’s even count peyote.

    I just got my Beadwork magazine and I am in love that bracelet on the cover! It’s next on my project list.

  • Fabiola Martinez

    My favorite is Huichol style beading but I really enjoy Peyote & Brick Stitch too!

  • gina sandoval

    Just a beginner, so don’t have a fav yet!

  • Elayne Spradling

    I love the Chevron stitch it’s very elegant and easy to do. Love Bead work magazine!!!

  • Carolyn Slater

    What a pretty bracelet, I’ve been studying it and plotting on the supply list!

  • Barb Raven

    I first learned peyote when I admired a friends necklace. She told me that although she loved me- at the time,it was too time consuming for her to make it for me, but she would teach me the stitch & could make my own.That was the beginning & I still love this stitch. What a great friend!!

  • Virginia Satterwhite

    I have only tried brick & peyote stitches so far. I would say peyote is my favorite.

  • Jeanne Chavez

    My favorite stitch is plan old peyote. It is the first stitch learned. I made plain bracelet bands with a button closure. I now like to graph out a pattern for a pretty desgin.

  • Jane MC

    I like brick & peyote – taught myself years ago to make beautiful earrings in a Sig Larson book I found at the library. I LOVE the bracelet and congrats on the cover!

  • Christina

    My favourite stitch is herringbone stitch!

  • sha9on

    I loved making things with the brick stitch, but the Twin Beads have put a twist on everything!

  • lisadh

    That is a truly beautiful bracelet!

    I really like the netting stitch and all its varieties. I make about three bracelets of one stitch and then move on to the next challenge.

    I find all the stitches to be fascinating! :-D

  • Superbe le bracelet en couverture ! mon point de tissage préfére de perle est le peyote ou herringbone
    merci pour ce superbe cadeau j’espére gagné

  • Erin P

    My favorite stitch is the one that makes a spiral. It’s the only stitch I know, actually!

  • Marcia Shedeck

    Im new to beadweaving but have fallen hard. Im a wirework artist mostly but have found beadweaving a wonderful addition to my style. I really love the peyote stitch. It’s so versitile and allows pictures to be incorporated like cross stitch which I also do. I would love love to have this kit and make this bracelet. It is awesome! :)

  • Shai

    I haven’t done any beadweaving but I would learn for that bracelet!

  • Carole

    My favorite stitch is the Right Angle Weave, mainly because it was so challenging for me to learn. Now that I have mastered it, I use it all the time and it makes me smile when I can produce a piece with complexity as well as color and texture.


    I am very new at it, I’d say peyote

  • Joanna

    peyote and herringbone, amazing bracelet!!

  • Vie

    just learned peyote and that took awhile, ( with help) That bracelet looks so special almost like and antique from the early 1800’s. I would really feel like a true beadier making that.

  • Candace

    RAW is my fav!

  • Shirley

    I have to say that it depends on what I’m trying to make. If I want to make a rope, then ndebele is the way to go (I just have a block against learning bead crochet). If I want to make a cuff then I use peyote as a base. Right angle weave is so versatile! I find that brick stitch is the easiest if I am making things a bit more sculptural. I just enjoy beading!

  • Lorie Kirk

    My favorite is peyote stitch, and as I see, it is quite a popular favorite! The bracelet on the cover is beautiful, congratulations.

  • Terri Earl Brooks

    I enjoy many beadweaving stitches, but my favorite is herringbone, followed by freeform peyote. I am always game to try something new