June/July Beadwork Window Garden Bracelet Giveaway!

If you’re a fan of Beadwork Magazine then you’ve seen the wonderful cover of the June/July issue featuring work by our very own Glorianne Ljubich! The cover has her amazing Garden Meadows Bracelet that uses a variety of beautiful beads as well as bead weaving stitches! To celebrate her bracelet making the cover, we’ve decided to giveaway all of the materials you need to make this piece as well as the June/July issue of Beadwork Magazine! One lucky winner is going to win everything you see in the photo below! The materials include an assortment of seed beads, Swarovski Elements Crystal beads, needles, thread, synthetic beeswax and a thread burner! For a chance to win everything you need to make the Garden Meadow Bracelet, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favorite bead weaving stitch is! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, June 08, 2012, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Julie D., on winning this wonderful project!

Good Luck! – Allie

295 comments to June/July Beadwork Window Garden Bracelet Giveaway!

  • Diana

    My favorite is peyote but I like to do all. I love to win this. Thanks

  • Sheryl

    WOW! What a gorgeous piece of art! I would love to make it.

  • Mary

    My favorite stitch is peyote. It is relaxing to stitch it and I love how orderly it looks.

  • Gayla Strain

    I love the colors! My favorite stitch? It is hard to say. I think it would be a toss up between square stitch and peyote.

  • I love all the spirals. You can use so many size beads in so many colors and come up with a different design everytime. The peyote is like a free form where you can turn a plain ring or bracelet into a magnificent free form full of add ons with beads and butttons. It lets your work become your own personal creation that no one else has.

  • My favorite stitch is the right angle weave but square stitch is growing on me.

  • Monica D.

    It has gotta be the peyote because that is all I know. Looking forward to learning more!

  • june postnikoff

    Right Angle weave is the only stitch I know apart from peyote but I like to do both of these.

  • Lee Hethcox

    This would be a totally new type of beadwork for me!

  • Jan Taylor

    Love Right angle weave. Works up so quickly. Russia Spiral is fun too.

  • jenny minchow

    Peyote is my favorite.

  • Started with the spiral stitch but I like the flat spiral and some peyote. Always willing to learn a new stitch!

  • Vanessa

    My favorite stitch is peyote because it feels like ribbon when done we delica beads which I also love!

  • Judy

    Right angle weave. But just starting a Peyote bracelet which could change my mind.

  • Jane Penrose

    My favorite bead stitch is peyote be it flat or circular. I just love it.

    The bracelet is beautiful. I have not used Tila beads yet. This would be a great project to play with them!

  • Deborah Castelli

    Drop Dead Gorgeous!! My all time favorite stitch is Tubular Herringbone with a 7th round using crystal bicones. I just did an entire wedding parties necklace & bracelets. Total hit! Thanks to Fusion Beads – I had the perfect colors!

  • Dawn Bledsoe

    My favorite is herringbone. I love the textur it adds to the beads as they stitch up. Bought this magazine today because of the bracelet on the front!

  • Harriet

    I enjoy a variety of stitches and hope to learn many more!

  • my favorite stitch used to be even count flat peyote. then i learned spiral peyote and flat spiral stitch and then i learned the russian stitch and it became my favorite stitch.
    finally i have overcome my hangups with right angle weave stitch. i love it. my most favorite of my favorites. yep. that would be raw right angle weave. or embellished right angle weave. cubic right angle weave still scares me!

  • Marge Beebe

    Right now it’s peyote with a little bit of herringbone. Not all at the same time.

  • My most favorite stitch is Peyote! :-) would love to win this set :-)

  • tona

    My favorite is brickstitch. I love the compact look of it.

  • joanne church


  • Sherry L. Smith

    Hi, I bought the book to make this bracelet so I would love the materials. My Favorite stitches are Herringbone and Petersburg Chain.

  • Brick stitch is a favorite, herringbone is great too. Wow, I would love to win this, especially as budget constraints prevent my buying any new beads for some time. Thanks

  • Linda M

    The very stitch I ever learned besides the Ladder stitch was the Brick Stitch and I have always loved it but I am loving the Right Angle Weave the more I use it.
    This is a Fantastic Giveaway! Thankyou for giving us the opportunity to win! Wow!!

  • My favorite stich is Right angle or triangle weave.
    I would be really happy if i won this kit its one amazing bracelet!

  • MelodyJ

    I like the Right Angle Weave.


  • Lisa T

    I like to do the peyote stitch. I’m new to bead weaving, and this is the only stitch I’ve mastered so far. But I’m willing to learn as much as will fit into my brain.

  • Laura

    My favorite is herringbone–I like the way the little “V’s” form.

  • desiree kloetsch

    Honestly, peyote is all I know. I’m still learning too. I love working with mixed media, sewn into the piece though!

  • Beth Bauer

    My favorite stitch is RAW; I just conquered cubic RAW & am enamored with the sculptural possibilities!!

    Please let Glorianne know that my sister & I fell in love with the window bracelet. In fact, my sister loves it so much, I have been asked to make one for each attendant in my sister’s wedding this coming August as part of the amazing custom wedding jewelry. Little does Lori (my sister) know, but I already am working on one of the bracelets for her to wear as part of the wedding jewelry I am making for her showcase wedding look!

  • irene

    My most favorite stitch is Peyote!

  • Mel

    I love peyote !

  • Varda

    I love all stitches but my all-time absolute favorite is RAW !

  • Danna Fryer

    My favorite stitch would have to be herringbone stitch, I just love the way you can add more texture to a piece with different beads.

  • Cat

    I have two favorite stitches: square stitch because it’s stable with no uneven ends, and right angle weave for it’s versatility.

  • Peggy Furr

    What a beautiful bracelet! How I would love to win supplies to make it!!!! Thanks a bunch for the opportunity!

  • Lorrie Harris

    Love at first sight! Kudos to the artist! What a catch to win this and a thread burner to boot!! You rock, rock, rock … Wow, bring it on … My yearning for a burner will be fulfilled. Yay!!!!!!!

  • Randy Tracy

    My favorite stitch is the only one I am comfortable with so far: peyote. I am a novice at beading. But I love beads!

  • Mary Purdue

    I dont really have a favorite but if I did it would probably be tubular herringbone. It’s a stitch that seems to be calming to me.

  • jackie koudry

    My favorite stitch s peyote. I would love to win this giveaway.

  • Carol Ashworth

    Nice!!!! It’s got to be Kumihimo using 11 delicas and trimed with lentils.

  • Melissa Grant

    I love this bracelet. Have never done anytjing with seed beads would lovr to try my hand at it

  • the peyote stitch is my personal favorite. it’s easy and there’s so much you can do! i love freeform – such incredible results. love to win this! thanks for the opportunity

  • I love them all, but I specialize in Comanche stitch earrings.

  • Robin Beatty

    I love the colors!!!

  • sharon

    My colors await me. Fabulous Fabulous Wonderful bracelet. Cannot wait to make it with all of the components in the give away.

  • LizN

    I love the challenge of bead weaving projects. My favorite is RAW but it’ll change with the next project.

  • Elizabeth

    The peyote stitch but I am trying to learn some new ones. What a fabulous bracelet, thanks for the chance to win one.