Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls Neoncolors and Crystal Astral Pink Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Candy W., on winning this amazing collection of Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls Neoncolors and Crystal Astral Pink!

They have arrived! We are so excited about the new line of Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls Neoncolors and Crystal Astral Pink! If you love them too get excited because we are giving away everything you see in this photo below to one lucky winner! There is an assortment of sizes of the new neon orange, neon yellow and neon pink crystal pearls in one box and different shapes and sizes of the new crystal Astral Pink in another! Neon is all the rage this season, and if you need any inspiring ideas of what to create with these bold beauties as well as the Crystal Astral Pink, just check out our Inspiration Page! For a chance to win this amazing stash of beads and pendants, leave a comment on this blog post telling us how you would use this new line in your jewelry designs! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, May 25, 2012, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail.

Good Luck! – Allie

1,113 comments to Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls Neoncolors and Crystal Astral Pink Giveaway!

  • Catharine Simon

    As I watch the glowing sunset outside my window right now, it seems these bright, rich and cheery beads are just the right thing to create gifts to welcome summer birthdays, bedeck a newly-minted graduate or bestow on bridesmaids and bride alike at a shower. Thank you, Fusion Beads, for the inspiration!

  • Ellen Kuppens

    If I’m going to win this box, I get a long look at the beautiful beads, the colors and vibrancy of the Swarowski.
    Then I go shopping for new clothes to match the colors of the beads.
    In the next step I make an awesome striking Jewellery that suits the clothes I bought. Start with a necklace, a bracelet, earrings …. etc it until the beads opzijn :)
    Ellen Kuppens, from Holland

  • Connie O'Brien

    Until I hold them, I have no idea how exactly I would use them. I love the vibrant colors, and I can see a long rope or a short necklace, bracelet, earrings. I love all crystals. I can see crystals and pearls together, which I use a lot. So many times I will have an idea, but change it once I start laying it out. As I said, until I have them, I never know exactly how I will use them.

  • kate

    Wow those are so cool! I think i’d make a wrap bracelet like on the inspiration page. Or maybe a really long three strand wrap bracelet and wear it as a belt!

  • Patti

    These are gorgeous!

    Earrings and bracelets – that’s what I see in that wonderful photo!


  • These are fabulous colors!!! My gosh!!! I see anklets earrings bracelets and a necklace!!! With a gorgeous Yellow sundress!!!:-)

  • Wendy L. Lucka

    I think I can see an African Helix rope necklace (or Russian spiral). Also, a multi-strand bracelet to incorporate all the colors again. And for earrings, some hoops would be great and then to change it up, some simple graduated head pin earrings!

  • Maria Manarim

    Elements Crystal Pearls Neoncolors and Crystal Astral Pink!
    I use to give colour, brightness and life for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and etc…

  • The possibilities are endless. I love to design jewelry. I use Swarovski elements whenever I want bling. And I love bling. Neon is the in thing now, and I am so happy my favorite beads are now in neon colors.

  • I would use the beads to create some new designs.

  • Love the bright colors. I see earrings, anklets and pendants…so fun for sure!

  • LV

    I always love swarovski’s new colors, they keep coming up with such gorgeous shades.

  • Jamilah

    These bead would make awesome wire earrings necklaces and bracelets. Oh my!