Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Visualizing the size of a bead is challenging, but many jewelry projects require products of a specific size and not all of us can picture how a 2mm bead and a 10mm bead will look together. Most of us have a tape measure or ruler in our beading supplies, but what about those times when you just can’t find a measuring device? When your tape measure or ruler goes missing you can use common household objects as a reference!

 Currency is made to standard measurements, which makes coins a great tool for visualizing size. A quarter is 24.05mm in diameter. A nickel is 21.20mm in diameter. A penny is 18.9mm in diameter. A dime is 17.8mm in diameter. For our customers outside of the United States, you can measure the diameter of the coins of your country with a gauge tool. For smaller beads, a standard pencil eraser is 7mm in diameter, a green pea is approximately 6mm in diameter, and a standard paper clip has a 1mm diameter.

 Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen

2 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Brynne S

    This is a great tip…..thank you

  • Ginger Hammond

    For my beadweaving projects I use one of the plastic earring stoppers as a “stop” bead. It is impossible to get it mixed up with a bead that is part of the project and holds the thread tail nicely.

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