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Whether they are freshwater, crystal or glass, one of our favorite things about pearls is their lustrous glow. But over time that glow can turn dim and dingy as your pearls are exposed to dirt, body oils and chemicals like perfume and lotion. Today’s tip is all about how to return your pearl beads to their original luster!

When you notice your pearls aren’t looking their best take a damp, soft cloth, apply a drop of mild soap to it and gently wipe the surface of the beads. I like using the same flannel cloth on my pearls as I use to clean my glasses. The coating on glass and crystal pearls is delicate and can be easily damaged with excessive friction, so use a light touch. When you’re finished, pat any excess water off of the pearls and lay them flat to dry on a clean towel.

Happy Tuesday! –Gretchen

3 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Joan Tilson


    I had always heard that perfume, lotions and hairspray wasn’t good for pearls, and you should always put them on after you were completely dressed and make-up and hair were finished. But conversely I thought that the natural body oils in our skin actually increased the luster of the nacre of pearls. Not so?

  • FusionBeads.com

    Hi Joan! We know for certain that perfumes, lotions and other cosmetic products aren’t good for pearls to come in contact with. It may be that a little natural skin oil won’t damage your pearls, but it probably varies from person to person whether those oils improve the pearl’s luster.

  • Alice Ryan

    I prefer to string pearls of any kind with small-gauge beading wire unless a customer requests knotting. I think it makes cleaning easier because the wire doesn’t hold the oils, etc. that silk or nylon thread can. To me it looks cleaner longer.

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