Find Your Creative Motivation!

There’s few things quite as satisfying as reaching the end of a project or hitting an important goal you’ve been striving towards. Sometimes, though, that satisfying finish doesn’t come without a big fight! The next time you find yourself at the beginning of a long, rocky journey, why not give yourself a little something to look forward to at the end? Beads are a fun motivational tool to spur your creativity onward, and a sweet reward at the end of your project!

Here are a few different ways you can use beads for motivation:

Meeting a big goal:

You’ve been working like crazy towards an important goal: passing a huge test, acing an important presentation, completing a large project around the house. It can be really difficult to keep your focus and power through to the finish line, so how about a little creative incentive? Pick out a product on your wishlist, such as a lovely artist bead or a useful new tool, and set that as your reward for making your goal. You’ve earned it!

Completing a beading project:

This can refer to a project you are working on for a friend, client or relative. It’s not easy sometimes to be excited about projects bound for someone else, especially if the design is just not quite your style or you’re not crazy about a pattern or technique used. Don’t let yourself get bogged down – make plans to treat yourself to a little something you’ve had your eye on once you’re done, whether it’s a strand of sparkling gemstones, a whimsical pendant or anything in between. This way, both you and the project recipient are happy; they get a beautiful finished piece and you get the building blocks for your next personal project!

Curing a creative dead-end:

We’ve all been there before: the dreaded creative burnout. Your imagination is totally tapped out and you’re just not coming up with anything to make that’s exciting to you. Next time this happens, try looking beyond the usual suspects in your bead stash. Find something that intrigues you, like a seed bead shape or a Swarovski Elements Crystal color that you’ve never used before, and add it to your next order. It doesn’t have to be huge or expensive; sometimes all you need is a little something new to get your imagination rolling again and see all the possibilities in front of you!

How do you use beads to motivate yourself?

Happy Beading! –Gabby

1 comment to Find Your Creative Motivation!

  • When I’m working on a ‘must do’ project that is dragging, one of my best personal incentives to keep going and actually get it done is the promise of getting to work on a ‘want to do’ project next.

    I let myself doodle during breaks and play with colors, so that by the time I finish my current project, I’m ready to tackle the next. And of course, the chance to buy supplies for the next project doesn’t hurt, either. :)

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