Vintaj Natural Brass and Pure Copper Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Sylvia B., on winning this amazing collection of Vintaj Natural Brass and Pure Copper!

Do you love Vintaj Natural Brass and Vintaj Pure Copper as much as we do? If so, get excited because we’re giving away a beautiful collection of bezels, stamping blanks, fastenables, filigree and more! One lucky winner will receive everything you see in this jam packed photo! Take a look at our Beading Techniques page for an endless amount of inspiring ideas! There are so many possibilities with Vintaj Natural Brass and Pure Copper, you can stamp, embellish, form or even paint it! Also, Vintaj Natural Brass is eco-friendly, nickel free and lead-free compliant. What more could you ask for? To enter to win this fabulous giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what color or color combination you would use with these Vintaj goodies! One winner will be randomly selected and notified by e-mail on Friday, April 27, 2012, 4 PM PST.

679 comments to Vintaj Natural Brass and Pure Copper Giveaway!

  • misa

    I would probably use them for jewellery (but there might be some “leftovers” to use for clothing embellishments; now for the combinations:
    turquoise and coral; some carved bone beads (and added green patina on the brass); crystals in vitrail AB! All in different pieces, of course…
    Some of the blanks scream to be etched or stamped – well, there is enough for all kinds of magic!

  • I would love to complement the copper or brass with aqua and tangerine colors! Turquoise, magnesite, aquamarine, or amazonite with citrine or carnelian would really pop with copper or brass! I adore faceted carnelian rondelles and would try to incorporate those!

  • Grace Bowen

    These components bring to mind rich, dark colors; warm, muted reds and deep teals. I would use beads made of Poppy Jasper and African Jade, with little light-gold beads as accents.

  • Sally

    I love the new dark,almost color. I would use it with some hammered patinaed copper, and then add some turquoise crystals.

  • Joan E. Gockel

    I love using copper with garnets! The look is rich and warm. Currently, I am making charm bracelts and vintaj is perfect for those, inexpensive and charming.
    I recently purchased arte metal, enough to do several projects. It is fabulous with rose quartz and citrine, or any light stone. I am a big fan of vintaj brass and anything copper or antique copper. These metals are seriously under rated among gold and silver enthusiasts.

  • Jean

    I can’t imagine a color that doesn’t go with these beautiful Vintaj pieces, but my first choices would be turquoise or lime green.

  • Julianne

    I’ve been so motivated by Vinaj pieces lately! I am making my new favorites with metals.

  • Carly Schutte

    I Love to use oranges, purples and teals with the Natural Brass and Copper. SO many possibilities! I’m excited about the new Patina paints and DecoEmboss Dies!

  • mary

    I love to use filigree to make rings.

  • Catherine

    I like vintage rose to highlight the copper.

  • Love the vintage feel!

  • Pamela Fox

    I like the contrast of the copper and brass

  • Lory Timmer

    I’m seeing them in lovely green and turquoise patinas….

  • I love natural brass and aquamarine for spring/summer and copper…well, my list goes on and on!

  • Copper is so flexible, I love to use it with more copper, but I must admit that I am partial to pairing it with bright blue and peacock green – all the colors really pop with one another.

  • I love these colors. Being a redhead they would go great with my skin tone and anything I make will be hard to part with!

  • Beth Ann Devine

    Love the vintage feel! It reminds me of another time and place when things were slowed down a bit and people took more time. I would pair it with various fresh water pearls, crystals and jasper.

  • chris

    love them!!!!!!

  • I would use a periwinkle blue and navy. They would show off the copper and brass beautifully.

  • Rosanna

    I would love to use these copper accents with red or garnet-colored beads! Or maybe a touch of turquoise. I might even try them with pearls for a Victorian or other metal pieces for a steampunk look! The possibilities are ENDLESS!

  • Rebecca Simpson

    These would be gorgeous with green and purples those i couldnt use for jewelery i would use in my canvas artwork i have a nursery to get ready

  • Lydia J

    I believe that all most all colors go with copper. If I were doing a project at this very moment, I would probably use very dark color that were almost black with the brighter copper. With the brass I would probably use oranges, yellows, and perhaps some white.

  • RubyLynn Rhyne

    I agree with many of the other post, any color would be wonderful with this collection. My personal choice would be coral, red and teal.

  • Kim

    It’s impossible to choose one colour. Simply because every colour is a beautifull combination with vintage brass. The lovely material is pleasant to work with and combine!

  • Claudia B.Huerta

    This would look great for my leather cuffs!!! The color of the copper and the brass compliment the natural texture of the leather pieces I have waiting for me to use them!

  • I’d use them for fab necklaces.

  • Brenda

    I love pairing copper with turquoise. I could also see some of these charms embellishing my handmade art dolls.

  • Oda

    Any bold & vibrant colors from the “family of” striped/banded agate.

  • I would use some silver and if I were to add some stones I would do tourquiose, or pink or red or even green. Something to make the jewelry to pop.

  • Diana Lightfoot

    I love all the trinkets in the picture…Could use all of them…I make rustic, native american ish jewelry…I am in desperate need of extra supplies…Thank you for your consideration…Diana

  • I would definitely use the brass with a mint green. what a hip color right now. Yum!

  • I love mixing metals, so I would combine the Copper findings on a silver chain to make a charm necklace.
    Stamp on the brass pieces with turquoise stone accents. Amazing! I love the combination of modern and vintage Vintaj.

  • Linda

    I would use Turquoise and Yellow.

  • I love vintage and antique looks. I combine them with fresh whites and spicy bright orange and even lime green and teal. I love making vintage look new.

  • Pamela Fox

    Great mix of colors

  • Viv Ironside

    These gorgeous things would look fabulous with turquoise. How do I get hold of them?!!

  • jasmine jozwiak

    I love the look of these Vintaj items and would enjoy using my creativity to put them to good use.

  • Janie Tountas

    love these with silver.

  • I woulds love to experiment with ALL the colors!!!!!!!

  • Donna

    Oooh. I would definitely use the button for a flat peyote bracelet, probably in turquoise colors. I want!

  • Beth Miller

    My color palate would probably be more earth tones. Though some red coral beads or sticks might get thrown in to add interest to blacks, browns and beiges. A bright spring green could also be added to make it sing.



  • Aimee Mitchell

    i would use a rich warm chocolate color. With some earth tone greens :)

  • Sherry Beane

    I would use gold and aquamarine to make a ring, earrings and a necklace. The gold and aquamarine compliment the color of the Vintaj pieces. The colors together give off a very vintage and rich look!

  • I’ve not tried these elements before so I would LOVE to learn to add them into jewelry designs..I see turquoise, tangerine, citrine, lime colors with them for the spring and ruby colors for the upcoming holidays. So much fun to learn a new technique of “our craft” with exciting new products that stimulate the imagination and creativity.

  • dia

    I would love to see bright one set against a turquoise palette while the darker ones matched to a deep red range.

  • Sarah

    I agree, turquoise would be stunning with either tangerine or maybe aqua and red.

  • Renee

    I would include them an wearable art piece …. I am currently working on a turquoise, ivory, orange, navy woven shrug that would go wonderfully to add the natural brass and copper as embellishments.

  • glynis long

    I think I’d paint some of them, but for the rest, I’d work with greens and orange.

  • Denise Brown

    I love adding I vibrate clear crystal to my metals. It gives it a great classy vintage feel or a dark emerald color. It makes it look earthy.