Vintaj Natural Brass and Pure Copper Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Sylvia B., on winning this amazing collection of Vintaj Natural Brass and Pure Copper!

Do you love Vintaj Natural Brass and Vintaj Pure Copper as much as we do? If so, get excited because we’re giving away a beautiful collection of bezels, stamping blanks, fastenables, filigree and more! One lucky winner will receive everything you see in this jam packed photo! Take a look at our Beading Techniques page for an endless amount of inspiring ideas! There are so many possibilities with Vintaj Natural Brass and Pure Copper, you can stamp, embellish, form or even paint it! Also, Vintaj Natural Brass is eco-friendly, nickel free and lead-free compliant. What more could you ask for? To enter to win this fabulous giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what color or color combination you would use with these Vintaj goodies! One winner will be randomly selected and notified by e-mail on Friday, April 27, 2012, 4 PM PST.

679 comments to Vintaj Natural Brass and Pure Copper Giveaway!

  • Robin

    With these great Vintaj goodies, I would color some in
    Ranger Patina in “Marine” & “Quartz” before stamping.
    Then, I would add turquoise, coral, fushia, & yellow.

  • Robin

    With these great Vintaj goodies, I would color some in
    Ranger Patina in “Marine” & “Quartz” before stamping.
    Then, I would add turquoise, coral, fuschia, & yellow.

  • Victoria

    Where to start? As I have several costume-related hobbies (SCA, steampunk, faerie) I could see using these on not only the clothes with additional beadwork, but jewelry I create! This would be an amazing gift…

  • Ce53

    I would usenblues, greens & various warm earth tones.

  • Allison Kwok

    I would layer pieces together with a theme or mood and sting together with Chinese cords in a different knotting tech to bring out the theme and mood and tangling with some tiny copper beads.

  • Allison Kwok

    I would layer pieces together with a theme or mood and sting together with Chinese cords in a different knotting tech to bring out the theme and mood and tangling with some tiny copper beads.
    string color I use will be various blues in the ocean (deeper navy, ocean blue, mist blue to aqua and lilac, lavender, etc as to bring out the hidden treasure “copper and brass” from the sea.

  • Shelia

    I would start by adding some bronze & cream pearls to these lovely Vintaj pieces. Then I would bring in some shades of blue adding sparks of gold & silver.

  • Erin Strother

    I like to use olive greens, browns and gold tones with vintaj components, but really, almost anything looks good.

  • Katherine

    Turquoise and cream. I love using unconventional combinations.

  • Wrap them around gemstones, hang them on a thread of bright blue… Wire them, paint them, stamp them… The possibilities are truly endless. A little Steampunk here, a little Faerie there… OH,YEAH!

  • Helen Kain

    I have used different pieces in a very special book project. This gave many others the idea to use them. I found only Vintaj to have what I felt would complete the look.

  • Linda Kucera

    I would color some with various combinations of colors of gilders paste and add complimentary colors of fibers mixed with chain. Others I would color with inks in blues/greens and sunset colors. The different metals lend themselves to different colors and mediums.



  • color choices would depend on mood and theme… but just looking at that selection I keep seeing greens with a pop or orange or coral tossed in…

  • Judy

    I would add to the wonderful pieces some purple and rose quartz, with some tiny copper bead accents, for my first piece

  • Voux

    I LOVE these components! I use them often to give my designs a natural look. They can be changes with inks, gems, crystals, and poders. I have begun to use them with my handmade polymer clay beads. OMG. They turned out awesome!

  • My new favorite color mixes are turquoise and the color of the year tangerine. I love copper, and I think many colors blend beautifully with it!!

  • Isabelle Fetherston

    I would use a green color scheme for spring.

  • Sherie Guillory

    I would love to use the Ranger inks fuscia and rose quartz, then I would use stamping as well as PMC to create one of a kind works of art! I hope I win!

    Sherie G.

  • Lori luli

    Mmmm. Robin’s egg blue and vermillion. Yum yumm.

  • I see opaque turqouises and ocean blues with these metals. Also some antiqued cream/beige scripted paper glazed on some of these pieces. I would live to use them all!! :)

  • Maria LaFrance

    I love paring them with blues and greens. Sometimes garnets are magical. Actually anything is yummy with them!

  • Maria LaFrance

    I love them all with all sorts of colors.

  • Judith McCaulley

    I would use turquoise with some and amber and crystal; perhaps a touch of gold.

  • Tomeka

    fire opal crystals and some would be embossed – just love Vintaj

  • Angela H.

    I used the blackened brass fairy link as a focal bead with fushia crackle beads and black crystals. It turned out great! I love the Vintage line!

  • I use copper and brass wire a lot, and I handforge and free form most of my jewelry.
    I make Native American jewelry, so…
    OH MY GOODNESS… what I could do with all these BEAUTIFUL items… and as for colors…
    coral and turquoise, the new peach and aquamarine, colbalts, ruby reds…. Lord… so many AWESOME items you have offered, so my mind would be on fire with ideas with what to do and what colors to add…
    GOOD LUCK to the lucky winner….

  • Lynne Goodwin

    i really like natural colors so i would use browns, greens etc with them

  • r amron

    I have always like the way turquoise brings out the warmth of copper and brass.

  • cindy


  • Kay

    They would look absolutely fantastic with the Czech specialty beads, especially the greens and blues. I would like to make something lovely with pink hues. :)

  • Crystal Thain

    I would use a drybrush technique and the colors I would pick would be a bright yellow, scarlet red and black.


  • Chasidy


  • I would for sure try the Adirondack alcohol inks that I already have: Citrus, Sale Boat Blue and Watermelon. Also I have some rub on green patina and I am dying to try some ammonia patina. I have some agate beads in red and yellow that would go great with the copper.

  • WOW these are so popular! I love them all… I would combine it with turquoise, pale green and red!
    or peach and light turquoise!

  • Judy

    I love to create nature inspired pieces, especially water themed. Labradorite is my favorite stone, I think it would look great with the copper and brass, adding some aquamarine, peridot and a little topaz. Fingers crossed :)

  • Heather

    I would use peachy pinks, cream and green. But my mood is always changing.

  • Kelly Driscoll

    I love using aqua and sea green with the copper. I can’t get enough of amazonite and Swarovski Pacific Opal. I think the lighter colors also make a nice contrast for the brass.

  • Michelle Winkler

    What gorgeous goodies! I can imagine multiple uses for these beauties. The color possibilities with brass and copper are wide open. Where to start. . .

  • Cynthia

    The thing about these beautifu pieces is that they will stand out in any color scheme and conbination. It is great that they inspire so much imagination and creativity. I personally take a piece such as one of these and create something to cmpliment the person I am makng the item for and enhance the item itself. Color and imagination are in the eye of the beholder so to narrow it down is impossible. Fusion Beads offer so many beautiful items that it is also an easy task to create something beautiful. Anyway, these truly are great pieces to work with and would be a great addition to my collection. Good luck everyone!

  • Therese

    I’d use green and pink palettes to make it “organic”

  • Dawn

    These components make me think of a secret garden in the fall…leaves, ivy, keys to open the gate, birds flying amongst the flowers and a little owl guardian.

    I would use espresso brown, honey gold, bronze and a touch of rose, lilac or orange.

    I could have tons of fun with this and create my own secret garden to wear :o)

  • Kim Nelson

    I would use some peach, turquoise, moss green or some deep red in clay or pearl beads.

  • Peggi

    I am about to embark on a quest to learn a new technique, enameling! These pieces would be perfect for that application. Am dreaming up new designs right now.

  • I would emboss the flat metal, and then add shades of green patina from the patina ink kit to the leaves and some of the design elements. I would highlight some of the creatures with shades from the rust patina kit in hues of rust and yellow. The flowers would pop with a slight bit of plurple (blues and purples). On all I would buff off some of the high points of the metal to a bright shine for pop and contrast. Maybe even punch a few holes to dangle some crystals for bling. That’s what I would do!

  • Debi Moore

    I love using turquoise gilder’s paste with the antique copper, brass, findings & stamping materials. It easily lends itself to the blue beads as well. I would love to win this giveaway, I have so many ideas & so little time. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Nicole Medlock

    I love working with the Natural Brass and copper pieces and I would use turquoise round beads or large teardrop shape with some of the small leaves for interes and color.

  • Kim Caine

    I would love to incorporate some beautiful green pearl coins I got at the Bead and Glass Expo in Las Vegas! My Mom has had me searching for them – and these pieces would certainly pair well for her Mother’s Day gift :)

  • Marsha Ingebretson

    Copper is my favorite medium to work with so adding soft colors as accents would be beautiful with these pieces…I see soft greens, creams, golds in the earthy shades. Would love love to designs with these and see what would happen.

  • Lisa Schaefer

    Oooooh, So many gorgeous shades of blue are floating before my eyes right now, from rich lapis up to turquoise, and then maybe crossing the line into some of the greens. I can also imagine crossing the line on the other end of the blue spectrum into purples, since I love using complementary colors and the right shade of purple against the copper or brass would be spectacular!!