Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Whether you have too few options or an endless variety, choosing supplies for a jewelry project can be very difficult. And finding just the right element for your design can be even harder if you aren’t familiar with the terms used to describe the products on a catalog or web site. This is exactly why our team of Product Specialists here at FusionBeads.com has created our Chain Glossary!

Each style of chain we offer is listed in the glossary with a close-up photo and detailed description, from basic cable to the twisted helix. The name of a chain often refers to the size and shape of that chain’s individual links. For example, a box chain is made of links that are a wide square shape, while the links of square chain are thin squares or rectangles. Learn the names of all your favorite chains this week by browsing through our Chain Glossary!

You can find all of our Glossaries and other handy Beading Reference tools in our Beading Q & A.

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen

2 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Cat

    The chain glossary is very nice, but there is one bit of information that would make it more helpful. Info about which types, styles and sizes of chain work well for pendant necklaces and which chain works well for charm bracelets would be beneficial.

    Since you can’t return cut chain, it’s taken me a lot of trial and error to locate the sizes of chain I need for projects. I can’t tell you how many feet of chain I’ve purchased only to find that it won’t work at all. The links are too small or too closely linked together, too large and manly looking, or the links are a nice size, but the weight of the chain is too light for pewter and brass charms.

  • FusionBeads.com

    Hi Cat!

    Deciding which chain is ideal for a particular project has a lot to do with a designer’s personal preferences. For example some of designers prefer to use very delicate chains on a bracelet while others like using heavy gauge large link chain, so there’s no hard and fast rule for which chain is perfect for which type of project.

    We do have the gauge and dimensions of a chain’s links listed in that product’s Details page and are always working to add more information like this to our web site. Also, any time you have questions about a particular chain feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at info@fusionbeads.com or by calling 1-888-781-3559. We are always more than happy to discuss our products with you and help pick out the perfect item for your project!

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