Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

When you are applying glue to tiny areas like flat back crystals or the knot at the end of your beading thread it can be tempting to use your fingernails to scrape away extra glue or position things perfectly. Even hard-working crafty ladies like to have nice nails, so here’s a tip to save your manicure! Next time you need to apply glue to a small area try using a toothpick or something we all have lying around – wire scraps! By using a “tool” with a small tip you’ll have more control over where your glue goes and how much you apply. Squeeze a small amount of glue on to a piece of newspaper or cardboard. Then use the tip of your toothpick or wire scrap to pick up just enough glue and apply it to your piece. And even clean-up is easy since all you have to do is throw out the paper and toothpick or wire scrap when you’re finished!

 Happy Tuesday! –Gretchen

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