Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Most beaders know how to string beads using a needle and thread, but what do you do when you want to string beads directly on to a thicker material like cord or ribbon? Many smaller ribbons work well with a special needle with a flexible hole, like our Griffin Soft Wire Twisted Needles. But for cord and larger ribbons you can make your own needle! Cut your cord or ribbon an inch or two longer than you need for your project. Then trim one end at a shallow angle, making a long thin point (see the image below). A tapered end like this is much easier to fit through your beads and is less likely to fray than a blunt end. When you are finished stringing your beads just snip off that “needle” at the end of your cord or ribbon and complete your project!

Ribbon End

Happy Tuesday – Gretchen

2 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Bridie Furlong

    I also find it very helpful to dip the tip of the thread/cord in nail varnish,then draw it through your fingers/a piece of paper,twisting to a point,then allow to dry.This gives a nice firm point, which won’t fray, to thread with. :-)

  • Sometimes I’ll mix a little epoxy and paint it onto the end of the ribbon or string, let that harden so it will help prevent fraying. Good tip!

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