Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Do millimeters leave you feeling bewildered and frustrated? Having trouble visualizing how much space an 18.5mmx3mm bead will take up on your necklace? Today’s tip will turn you into a measurement expert! Beads and beading supplies are most frequently measured in millimeters, due to their small size, but here in the United States most of us aren’t familiar with the metric system of measurement.  Fortunately you can follow a simple math formula to convert any measurement from millimeters to inches. There are 25.4mm in one inch. To find out how big a bead or finding is in inches just divide the millimeter measurement by 25.4. For example, to find out how long a 37mm Tube Bar Clasp was in inches I would divide 37 by 25.4 and find out this clasp is 1.5 inches long. This easy math tip will help you pick out the correct size of supplies the first time and avoid having to return wrong-sized product!

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen

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