Swarovski Trend Forecast Spring/Summer 2013!

Swarovski has impressed us once again with their amazing trend themes for Spring/Summer 2013! For their trend forecast in the coming year, Swarovski has focused on the concept of The Celebration of Life. They suggest that humanity has reached a saturation point, both in consumerism and with natural catastrophes and political revolutions. Through all of this stimulus, people was a clear and positive vision of life, and they are seeking comfort in communities, expression in festivity, solace in dreams and passion in romance – the simple joys of life. The four new Swarovski Spring/Summer 2013 trend boxes focus on these joys. I hope you love them as much as we all do!

Embracing Togetherness/Classic

This is a time of looking your “Sunday Best”. The subdued white palette signals new beginnings and opportunities underlined by soft shadowing to highlight a new purity and transparency in design. The subtle sparkle of crystal on well-worn materials is used in conjunction with soft crystal shading to outline discreet designs. An elegant mix of of opaque white and clear crystal radiates purity and simplicity. Tiny elements form intricate lace patterns, and pearls in their pure state appear and filigree fittings lend an historical, handcrafted feel.

Crystal Colors: Crystal, Crystal Ivory Pearl, White Opal, Crystal Silver Shade, Black Diamond, Crystal Luminous Green

Journey to the Moon/Progressive

The need for dreams and visions of another world continue to appeal to our imaginations. Throughout this theme sparkling, iridescent colors in myriad hues – purples, blues and silver-blacks – tantalize us with their magic and mystery. Random sparkling, tiny crystal dots reflect a cosmic ‘other world’. Geometric shapes showcase a sci-fi futuristic vision. Geometric cuts in metallic effects impart a new interpretation to Art Deco inspired pieces. Bold and edgy shapes create graphic 3D combinations.

Crystal Colors: Crystal Moonlight, Crystal CAL, Crystal Luminous Green, Crystal Volcano, Crystal Bermuda Blue, Crystal Dark Lapis Pearl

Blowing Kisses/Romantic

Enchanting and alluring, our desire to ‘dress up’ takes center stage. Classic make-up colors; rosy red and varying pink tones offering romance and seduction are underlined with sophisticated black and white. Romantic shapes showcase a playful element in jewelry. The radiant sparkle of bright pinks and reds express the joy of dressing up. Strong graphic crystal combinations in iconic stripe patterns soften overly feminine aspects. Combinations of small and medium-sized crystals in bright beaming colors speak of energy and happiness

Crystal Colors: Crystal Ivory Pearl, Crystal Pink Coral Pearl, Rose Peach, Padparadscha, Crystal Red Coral Pearl, Jet

A Feeling of Freedom/Glamour

Throwing caution to the wind, we dance to the beat of our own drum indulging in the great festival that is life. Bright, bold color combinations express our need to be outstanding, lending folkloric flavor and vibrant festival hues to design. Crystals appear in jewelry in a riot of color, in all sizes, interwoven into designs with natural materials, radiating out of riotous patterns. A joyous combination of classical and figurative shapes and bright colors are offset by shades of brown and beige. Feathers, random patterns and crystals give way to iridescence.

Crystal Colors: Crystal Red Coral Pearl, Crystal Lapis Pearl, Light Smoked Topaz, Light Topaz, Crystal Jade Pearl, Rose Peach

Happy Designing! – Sara

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