Enter Our Swarovski Pearl Gemcolors Giveaway!


This giveaway has ended. Congratulations Katherine C., on winning the Swarovski Pearl Gemcolors Giveaway!

Normally when we have a new Swarovski launch, we give away one overflowing box of gorgeous sparkly beads, but this time is different. We got so many amazing new pearl gemcolors that we couldn’t fit them all into one box, so we’re giving away two full boxes of brand new Swarovski Pearl Gemcolors to one super extra lucky winner! All seven of these richly opaque new gemcolors were designed to mimic the gorgeous shades of color found in natural gemstones, like lapis lazuli and jade. For a chance to win this awesome stash of crystal pearls, leave a comment on this blog post telling us how you would incorporate these new pearls into a jewelry design! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, March 9, 2012, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail.

Good Luck Everyone! – Sara

709 comments to Enter Our Swarovski Pearl Gemcolors Giveaway!

  • Stacy Sales

    I have an event coming up where I’ll be selling my latest jewelry and these beads will add something to my latest collections. I will be making jewelry and bracelets out of these beads. I know that they will sell well. These are great colors for the spring and summer.

  • Liz Smith

    I will create, create, create with these pearls, using the colors as springboards! They are beautiful and can be used in many ways in my jewelry–earrings, embroidery, necklaces, etc.

  • carrie n

    If I win these I wil be creating my first “Candylicious Collection”…so pick meeee!

  • maggie andregg

    I would love to have these pearls.

  • Pamela Beck

    I would incorporate these beautiful colors into a rainbow design. They are gorgeous!!!!

  • Christine Basta

    I know right away. I love to make simple but elegant bracelets with genuine swarovski crystals & pearls in my children’s university colors.

  • Casey Rupe

    trying to enter the sweepsteaks

  • Sharon

    I love Swarovski pearls and these new colors reminded me of a very special trip to Mexico and I can see these in a beautiful Spring/Summer necklace.

  • Yika Riley-Smith

    I see the colors of Arizona — the verdigris of our native copper, the orange-red of the dramatic rocks of Sedona, and the bright blues of the sky we see 350+ days a year. I would make bulky necklaces defining each of these. Love Swarovski pearls!

  • autumn

    i would like to use them in a design with plain and colored chain. maybe some ribbon incorporated as well..

  • Maryjoy True

    Super Summer Glam….I can see it now! Pick me!!!!!

  • Love pearls, I made a beautiful Easter gift with pearl beads, #11 seed beads and drop beads. It was in a current Magazine… Turned out so pretty!!! Would like to make some for all my girls!!!

  • I haven’t used these before but I see new desert and coast collections… mixing them with textured copper and silver elements.

  • Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces oh my!

  • Brandie

    Im just starting out but I see a very pretty necklace, earring, & bracelet set!

  • I’ve been meaning to give beadweaving with round center beads a shot, and this would be the perfect opportunity to do so!

  • Carolyn Robinson

    Oh my goodness..these pearls are just screaming beach!!! Since I live in Florida (AKA Paradise!), these new pearls resonate the colors of the ocean, beach and our beautiful skies. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings made with these glorious colors would be a beautiful addition to anyone’s wardrobe!

  • I’d make some really funky chunky bracelets with these for spring & summer…maybe even fall! :) :)

  • Melissa

    Mixing them in a pretty pair of earrings would be my idea.

  • Linda

    I can see several bracelets of varying hues, all worn together!

  • Melissa

    I would make several beaded charm bracelets and a matching necklace and earrings!

  • Beth

    Strung into a short, retro housewife choker! So cute!

  • Betsy Poole

    These new Swarovski Pearl colors would be a wonderful addition to my “stock” that I pull from when I’m creating a gorgeous necklace, bracelet or earrings. My clients would love, love, love them!!

  • Julie Harbican

    What a great way to START a stash!!

  • Sandy M

    These are such yummy colors. Would use them in my spring collection. They are so inspiring…beautiful bauble bracelets.

  • Lorene Hill

    I really admire all these new colors! I would be making bracelets and earrings for my girls and family. I have been wanting to try my hand at some of the the newest projects in the current Bead and Button mag.

  • Nancy

    I’ll be making some beautiful colorful bracelets for spring

  • Deanne

    A bib necklace! I adore these colors!!!

  • Rosanna

    I would use these to make an eyeglass chain to keep from losing my glasses! :)

  • Jane

    These would look paired with the actual stones they look like.

  • Lori Cassaro

    Paired with iridescent clear beads, these would look like a modern twist on bubbles!

  • Bonnie

    necklaces, bracelets & earrings….oh my!! what fun i could have…..

  • Kristy

    I would make a fun charm-type bracelet with all the colors! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would make them into a playful bead embroidery cuff.

  • There are so many colour combos possible here, but my first piece would be a chic retro bracelet made with pink coral and cream, and a beautiful handmade oxidized sterling silver clasp!

  • Great colors to add to my collection!

  • Anne McMullen

    I need to have the stash in hand first. I have to play with them before I can create something permanent. So pick me, please?????

  • Joan

    Love swarovski pearl; would love to win!

  • Deborah Carter

    I can already see how I will be using these…great beads.

  • Becky Stratton

    These are so beautiful..I love the vibrant colors. They would look so good in my jewelry

  • I just started a new line with Swarovski pearls..the new gemstone colors would be a perfect complement to my designs!

  • cel

    I absolutely LOVE these colors! I would make some patriotic jewelry to share with my family!

  • Valere Sayre

    I will use them to make some elegant jewelry. I have been weaving a lot lately so I am so excited to see how these would make the shapes more interesting. I have also been working with 3 and 4 stand necklaces with asymmetrical designs. these would be great for that as well. Lastly I would hold and feel the beads and find my inspiration from the material themselves.

  • Sherry Beane

    I would love to use them to make some beautiful spring jewelry! They are so unique and come in such beautiful colors! I would love a chance to be able to incorporate them into my pieces!

  • Bridie Furlong

    We have a family wedding this summer so I would love to create some really special pieces for my sister, my daughter and myself !!! :-)

  • Susan Kitchens

    These new colors are so delicious! I would like to use them in a necklace and bracelet. I would pair the glass pearls with the gemstones that they simulate. I would love to win and share pics of my designs with you.

  • Layne Ralph

    I make beaded barettes…these would look awesome!

  • Julie Campbell

    I use tons of Swarovski pearls in my designs, with seeds, Czech glass, wire….these pearls dress up all styles of jewelry!

  • Abby

    Wow – these would be so fun to incorporate into the woven wire jewelry that I’ve been making lately to give the wire that extra splash of color and class. I can see the bigger beads working for amazing rings, and the smaller ones in bracelets and pendants and earrings.

  • Carol Metzger

    I’ve been a fan of swarovski crystals and when a friend told me of the pearls, I knew I’d love them. They have just the right wt, the color is uniform. I like to use pearls with gemstones. Especially the cream colored ones paired with denim lapis