Start the 30 Day Bead Challenge With Us Today!

Get ready, get set and……….go! Our 30 Day Bead Challenge officially starts today! Have you heard about it yet? If not, has decided to celebrate National Craft Month for the entire month of March by challenging ourselves and our friends to take a 30 day bead challenge! We have come up with 30 fun and fabulous ways to build your beading skills, organize your beads and share your jewelry with others! Every day there will be a new challenge for you to try, but don’t worry – we won’t judge you on whether or not you complete the daily challenges or how well you do them! We just want you to try! Download our 30 Day Bead Challenge Calender and put it up on your wall so that you can remember what fun beading project you get to work on every day, and click here to read detailed descriptions for each challenge, with helpful links for those of you who are stumped! After you complete your daily challenges, you can take photos of your work and post them on our Facebook wall, or you can simply describe to everyone on our Facebook wall how you approached the challenge! If you’re up for it, you can even write blog posts about your challenges and post a link to your blog on our Facebook wall! Keep an eye out for photos of the projects that The Creative Team at comes up with as well! We are all so excited to participate! And the best part is that we will all be winners in the end!

Since today is the kick off, and the challenge for Day 1 is to make a pair of earrings, check out what Cody in The Creative Room came up with. Gorgeous!

And here are Gabby’s Day 1 earrings, featuring alien charms that she got in Roswell, NM!

Now it’s your turn! Go make some earrings today, post a photo on our Facebook wall, and get ready for tomorrow’s challenge!

Happy National Craft Month! – Sara

8 comments to Start the 30 Day Bead Challenge With Us Today!

  • Lynell

    I can hardly wait to go home after work and create some earrings. Can’t wait to see what I come up with!! Don’t know yet just what it will be! Probably will have a two-needle right angle weave beaded bead made of bicones. I do love those. I think I have some blue bicones or maybe green, or …..? Don’t really know yet!

  • I blogged about this today and will hotlink to this for our beadblogger group on Sunday! Now I have to start making my earrings! jean yates

  • Nanci Dill

    I am excited to start this today! I know exactly what kind of earrings I want to make! This month will be really fun!! Thanks, Nanci
    P.S. I am looking forward to the day with help to reorganize my beading room. Nanci

  • oh my god :))) UFO – alien :))) my hubby will love to see this on me )))))

  • vicky S

    this is a brilliant idea – well done

  • Sandra Behn

    I liked today challenge. I took some lefted over beads and combined them to make a stretch bracelet. I wouldn’t have thought to put these different beads together but it turned out to be a beautiful bracelet. Looking toward to tomorrow challenge.

  • I am a bit slow but getting there. I did make a pair of earrings, in fact three pairs…got kind a carried away. Then I used some old stuff to create too. But missed today.

    well, I’ll catch up tomorrow again Dita

  • Just now finding this month of challenges and will try to take part! I love a good challenge! Funny thing is, I just spent all day reorganizing my studio after getting a brand new workbench and tons of new toys and tools! Will share links as I get the challenges done and blogged!

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