Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Today’s tip is for those of you who have ever had a difficult time creating Wrapped Cord Bracelets (see the technique here) with Swarovski Elements Crystal Bicones! If you’ve tried to make a sparkling bicone bracelet and found that the beads turn sideways or bunch up against each other, don’t fret! It’s a common problem with an easy fix! When you make a wrapped cord bracelet with round beads, you can just push each bead up next to the one before it. However, since bicones have a point at either end, the pointed ends of the beads will overlap each other if you align them too close to each other. To prevent this, make sure you leave a 1mm or so gap between each bicone that you add onto the bracelet. It’s that easy!

Happy Tuesday! – Sara

1 comment to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Mary Beth

    Love wearing this bracelet! Thank you for inspiring me. Any idea how to make the multistrand wrapped cord necklace using Tila beads featured in an ad in the current Beadwork? Wrote to magazine who replied write to advertiser but no response from them. I’m guessing it is done linking all rows at once going up and down. Stunning!
    Happy beading. Mary Beth

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