“My Fusion Beads Favorites” Pinterest Contest!

This contest has ended. Congratulations, Barbara L., the winner of a $100 FusionBeads.com gift certificate!

Have you heard? FusionBeads.com is on Pinterest! To celebrate how much fun it is to create unique, inspiring pinboards, we are inviting you to show off your own tastes as a jewelry designer by creating a pinboard filled with the FusionBeads.com products that inspire you most! And to sweeten the deal, one lucky pinner will win a $100 gift certificate! Here’s how it works:

Simply create a pinboard called “My Fusion Beads Favorites” and pin the following ten things from FusionBeads.com onto your board:

1. Your favorite FusionBeads.com Earring Inspiration
2. Your favorite FusionBeads.com Necklace Inspiration
3. Your favorite FusionBeads.com Bracelet Inspiration
4. Your favorite FusionBeads.com Ring Inspiration
5. Your favorite FusionBeads.com Beading Technique
6. Your favorite FusionBeads.com Color Idea
7. Your favorite FusionBeads.com Tool
8. A FusionBeads.com product that you love
9. A FusionBeads.com product that you love
10. A FusionBeads.com product that you love

When your pinboard contains these ten pins, please email a link to your pinboard to blog@fusionbeads.com with the subject line “My Fusion Beads Favorites”. The contest ends at 11:59 PM PST on March 8, 2012. One winner will be randomly selected and notified by email on March 9, 2012.

If you are not on Pinterest, this is the perfect time to join! Click here to request an invitation to join Pinterest, and start pinning away once you receive your invitation!

We can’t wait to see what your pinboard looks like! – Sara

30 comments to
“My Fusion Beads Favorites” Pinterest Contest!

  • Really excited about the contest. However, when I am on your website and use the “Pin It” tool from my favorites bar in Windows none of the jewelry images show. I just see an image of Pinterest, a red bar, and the BBB logos. Any suggestions?

  • I’m having the exact same problem as Teresa; I’ve even tried creating the board and adding the pin directly from Pinterest, but it still only ‘finds’ odd images, and never the actual product. I was really looking forward to this!:(

  • At first I had the problem but if you click the “enlarge ” option you finally get the option to pin the desired picture.

  • Renee

    How do we send our link of Pinterest?
    I have never done that!

  • @Laura’s right, we can pin the enlarged picture. But don’t you just hate when you click on someone’s pin and it takes you to a page with a picture and nothing more?

    @Renee, the easiest way to get the web address for the fusionbeads board, once you’ve created it:

    1.) While logged into Pinterest, hover the cursor over your user name in the top right-corner.
    2.) In the drop down menu that appears, click on Boards
    3.) All of you Pinterest boards are displayed on the page. Click to open the board of your choice.
    4.) Once the board is loaded, all you have to do is copy the url in the address bar and paste it into an email. It will probably look something like pinterest.com/laura/fusion-beads

  • Vicki

    This was a blast! I just finished and have already had someone repin one of my inspirations, plus I’ve found more projects that I want to do. What a great idea for a contest ;o)

  • I am having the same problem, and I tried on two different browsers. Very frustrating! I hate pins that go to a picture and then nowhere else. It doesn’t look like someone following a pin to an enlarged picture could then get to the project description…

  • Barbara Leonard

    I was having the same trouble pinning the pictures until I noticed a little “Pin this” (or “pin it” not sure which) button over to the right. It is really small, but it allows you to pin the picture right from the page. :)

  • JennB_FL

    I’m having the same problem as the others, but can’t get the enlarged picture to show on my board. Help?

  • Entered! Thanks for having such a great contest, plus I ran across a ton of stuff I want

  • @barbara–Thank you!! Using the Pin This button directly on the page is exactly right. Funny how easily the simple can escape us. Good luck, everyone!

  • Can we have more then 10 things on our board as long as we include the list above? Or can we only have 10 items?

  • I’m fairly new to Pinterest, and managed to pin the items that had the ‘pin it’ button, but I don’t know how to do the ones that don’t have a ‘pin it’ button such as the beading techniques and Color Ideas. Can anyone help me with this?


  • Lee Hethcox

    I have done a board, but I am still wasn’t able to pin everything I wanted off Fusion Beads. Sometimes you get a screen w/o a “pin it” button and then using the Pin It in your bookmarks does not work. Also, where is this “enlarge” option?

  • OK,I fiddled around and got it to work with the larger images.

  • GAH I feel like such a dork. I’ve tried several times to email my Pinterest link to the address listed in the above post but it keeps coming back as undeliverable. I’ve even copied the address from the post and it still comes back. Anyone else have this problem? I see that others have mentioned they have emailed their link. What am I missing?

  • Dawn

    Are we supposed to add any comments about why we may like the items we are pinning?

  • Joy Bishay

    This pinterest needs to come with a book, I have never been so frustrated as to try to post a pic from fusion beads site to a board on this site. It does not work, tried pin it several times, tried webpay url and still no pics. Fusion, you should find a more user friendly contest, as for this one–forget it!

  • JoAnne Z.

    After struggling a few times to get the “pin it” button to work, I finally figured it out! My e-mail is on its way! This was so much fun, but it was so hard to narrow it down to just 10 things from the http://www.FusionBeads.com website! I love everything!!

  • Susan A.

    For this contest, I just joined Pinterest. I created a single board ‘My Fusion Beads Favorites’ and successful pinned 10 items with links as per the contest. Wow – I thought I was just about done. I tried searching on my board and I couldn’t find it. I tried Googling this problem and it’s clear others have had this issue but I couldn’t find a solution other than waiting. Any thoughts from you all with clearly more experience on Pinterest?

  • Lyssie

    What great fun! Great contest and great way to introduce and use Pinterest! Kudos and Thank you!!

    All done!

  • I am pinning every item plus my March Challenge creations. I am having a ball!

  • gertie stallenberg

    I’vbe been searching for the Pin it button at the beading techniques and the color ideas but I cannot find it… what am I doing wrong??? I am new to Pinterest, perhaps I do not see the possibilities? Can you please tell me what to do? Thanks!

  • Janice Warden Bergeron

    Are we limited to 10 items to be eligible for the contest?

  • Gina

    I really had fun doing creating this pin board and I learned about more products and helpful items on the Fusion Beads website. I did had some problems at first with the “pin it” on some pages but found another way around it. So it took a few more days to finish than I thought. I found that I like Pinterest and have found a lot of creative ideas on the site.

  • Karen

    I hope I win! Loved this contest. And I keep “pinning” more wonderful ideas!

  • Emily Nilson

    Who won??

  • Olivia Pottebaum

    I want to know who won also!

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