Get the Academy Award Looks of the Stars!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we stare at the television screen with wide eyes to watch as the Academy Award nominees walk down the red carpet! I can’t wait to see what colors and styles of jewelry they will be wearing this year! What better way to get into the spirit of award season than to try and recreate some of the beautiful jewelry from past Academy Award shows! The Creative Team at has made some fun and simple inspiration pieces inspired by some of the incredible jewelry we’ve seen throughout the years. Now you can look like a star without breaking the bank!

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Who could forget those amazing emerald earrings worn by Angelina Jolie at the 2009 Oscars? Those stunning earrings were by far my favorites that year! The moment I saw I was in love. Thankfully, instead of forking over the big bucks for the real thing, you can create a similar look using products we have available at! Check out the Angelina Earrings on our Inspiration page. These earrings are so quick and simple to make, and you’re sure to get compliments every time you wear them!

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The famous Taylor-Burton diamond also known as “The Million Dollar Diamond” necklace worn by Elizabeth Taylor at the Academy Awards in 1970 was a sight to be seen! What a show stopper! There is a reason why this necklace is so famous! You may not be able to snag the real thing but you can still re-create a similar look by checking out the Elizabeth Necklace on our Inspiration page at!

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You can easily and affordably make a pair of earrings that resemble the ones that Natalie Portman wore to the 2011 Academy Awards! It was her year to shine and she did just that with these beautiful ruby tassel earrings! Check out our re-creation, the Natalie Earrings on the Inspiration page at!

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Of course there are always fabulous bracelets that cross the red carpet each year, too! One of those was definitely the beautiful bracelet Amanda Seyfried wore to the 2010 Academy Awards! This stunning piece can stand alone or be paired with other bracelets for a more dramatic touch. If you want the same look for a fraction of the price, check out the elegant Amanda Bracelet on our Inspiration page at!

Have fun watching the Academy Awards on February 26! – Allie

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