Enter Our Lindstrom Pliers Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations, Lisa S., the winner of a pair of Lindstrom Ergonomic Round Nose Pliers!

If you think you’re a hardcore beader, you shouldn’t need to settle for tools that are less than hardcore! You deserve the best of the best – Lindstrom Ergonomic Round Nose Pliers! I know, most of you probably plan on investing in nice pliers, but accidently buy too many beads to be able to afford tools as well, so that’s why we’re going to give some luxury round nose pliers to one lucky winner! Now you’ll be able to get more wire wrapping done with less aching in your hands, and you’ll be free to spend your bead money on beads, not tools! To enter to win a pair of Lindstrom Ergonomic Round Nose Pliers, leave a comment on this blog post telling us why you need new pliers. A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, February 24, 2012, 4 PM PST!

Good Luck! – Sara

661 comments to Enter Our Lindstrom Pliers Giveaway!

  • Stephanie Dignam

    If i won these pliars it would make all the other local jewellery makers jealous and for once i’ll be the cool kid on the block! ;)

  • Lauren P

    I didn’t know there was such a thing! Can’t wait to try a pair!

  • Debbie kingsbury

    Have heard how wonderful these tools are for working with beads. My hands hurt after working for a while and I thinks these would be a great help. Thanks

  • Irene Ackland

    Those pliers look ideal! I love beading and wirework! Fantastic ergonomic design, and it’s my birthday :))

  • Michelle Nagel

    I would so love these, I’ve been using the same tools for 15yrs and they are now falling apart!, I heard only “good” comments and reviews on these pliers, so it would be totally amazing if I became the proud owner them.

  • Jeanine Kern

    I’m just starting and I need all the help I can get. Maybe the best tools will make it easier for me, since I’m trying all sorts of projects.

  • Jodi Ellis

    As my work gets more detailed, the quality of my tools needs to improve as well and these are the cream of the crop!

  • Jody Slagel

    I need a pair of these wonderful pliers because I have a pair of inferior pliers that twist when I use them, plus I have a bit of arthritis in my hands and these ergonomic pliers look to be much better! I didn’t know what kind to get that wouldn’t twist or stress my hand, and now I do!!!

  • Jon. Driver

    Comfort is everything. My girlfriend can keep them while I borrow her pliers.

  • Mary W.

    Would love to spend more money on beads and win these pliers. They look so comfy to use :)

  • Kimber Edmisten

    I love the Lindstrom products, they are all so much more superior to any that I’ve tried. Thank you for offering us the opportunity to win them.

  • Mary Beckley

    I LOVE these! They would make a welcome addition to my toolbox!

  • Cathy Simoneau

    I have always DREAMED of owning these very pliers. It’s exactly like you said…I buy too many beads and I don’t want to put the extra money into upgrading the tools. Thanks for this chance to win.

  • JennB_FL

    I’m still using my original pair from years ago! I would love to have these!

  • Deanne

    Would love the chance to win these! A comfort grip is what I’d like!

  • Beverly

    Can’t wait to try those.

  • Norma Scogin

    I’ve been eying these for a long time. I think they would be great for my (slightly) arthritic hands. They would definitely make me do more beading!

  • i SOOOO need a pair~ I have been using the ones i bought when i started jewelry making 6 years ago!!!!

  • Gabriela S.

    I love the ergonomic style! I have very small hands which can be tricky when wire wrapping. I’ve also done the mistake of buying too much beads and getting very basic tools. Thanks!

  • Kerry

    Been wanting…NEEDING to buy a pair, just can’t decide which pliar to splurge on…round nose, chain nose…

  • Jill Moxcey

    I need these because . . .look at them – they are awesome!!!! and comfortable in the hand.

  • Shannon

    I need a new pair of pliers because my husband can’t ever seem to use the tools in his tool box, but manages to find all my good jewelry and sewing tools to put to improper uses: a pair of my Gingher shears got used as a screwdriver, my side-cutter as a wrench, etc. I need something I can use that hasn’t been demolished by my hubby!!

  • Summer Engler

    I need some new pliers because mine are rusty and get a weird grasy substance on my hands as well! YUCK.

  • Ava Leas

    My tools are so well used that they are out of alignment…not to mention that they are about 26 years old and the rubber slips…don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t love my tools it’s just that it hurts to use them, lol. Thank you for this opportunity. Win or lose I realize that I do need new tools…

  • Joy

    My jewelry design business has grown this last year, especially my teaching opportunities. I love being able to demonstrate the advantages of having quality tools and materials to my students. I have been saving for a Lindstrom set; getting one pair of pliers free would really help.

  • Darlene Galwach

    Sure would be nice to have a pair of plies that are actually made for jewelery making. Hubby would be glad to have his work pliers back. LOL! Needless to say, they would make my job, a lot easier! :0)

  • Heather

    I am a hobby beader. Most of my tools are on the inexpensive side. I’d like to know if the more expensive tools are worth it.

  • christine jarvie

    I would sooo love to win these pliers. Lindstrom tools rule!!!

  • I have been making jewelry since 1982. I just found out about the Lindstrom pliers about 5 years ago. I would love to be able to afford a new pair since my round nose handles have been coming off. I make one of a kind art jewelry pieces and love to do my art for conventions and shows. I have a degenerative nerve disorder and the Lindstrom pliers are much easier on me.

  • Kathleen knapke

    I am new to the art of jewelry making and have basic tools. I have had the opportunity to use top of the line tools and it does make a huge difference but at this point I use what I can afford. I would love to be considered for the pliers. Thanks (:

  • Jonathon Isaac

    Next week marks 1 year since I started making jewelry. These pliers would make a fantastic anniversary present and help take my art to the next level.

  • Melanee Simpson

    Wow! Would love to have these pliers as I have developed grip/arthritis issues in my right hand from years of beadwork (am Cherokee and do traditional regalia)did not know such a wonderful item existed

  • I could use a pair of these because the round nose ones I’ve been using for small loops are miniature and from a $10 set I bought years ago when I was just starting out. These would be a huge improvement, I’m sure!

  • Tammy Rhodes

    I need these awesome pliers because I make jewelry that my daddy’s girlfriend sells at her floral and gift shop. It would make my jewelry look prettier and my life so much easier! I always purchase my crystals at Fusion Beads!

  • Maureen

    Be still my beating heart! Those pliers are gorgeous and so far out of my financial grasp…it would mean the world to me and my tired hands to win this “cadillac” of beading tools

  • Christen

    I would SO love these pliers! Every pair I have is crummy – they leave blisters on my hands (A few pieces I make require lots of plier-holding) and they always get loose really fast. I could DEFINITELY do with a nice set!

  • sarah blankenship

    I want these pliers!! I have cheap walmart ones right now, and these look like such an improvement. After a while, my hand goes numb and I have to put my beads away while using the ones I have now. They look awesome!!

  • Devra Kann

    I have been eyeing these for a long time. I have a friend who has these and they are so much easier to use than the ones I have. They would certainly help me deal with my tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome!

  • Pamela

    I already have a pair of these and I strongly recommend them to anyone with arthritis. Hopefully, they will go to someone with arthritis so they may continue making beautiful art. Good luck! :)

    (This is not a giveaway entry.)

  • Kari Lanphear

    These pliers would come in really handy and I could make my Jewelry look more professional. It would make my job easier.
    Thank you for showing me them.

  • Pat Laskowski

    Would love to win these!!! I have started getting cramps in my hand as I am beading, and hope these would make it easier for me to continue making jewelry. Thanks!!

  • Better tool & less fatigue mean more beads used & need to buy more. ;-)

  • I really NEED them…mine are bent!

  • Are you kidding?! Who doesn’t need a new pair of pliers?! Especially Lindstrom!

  • Paula

    i have been wanting to buy lindstrom tools for a long time. i know that they will make my beading adventures more enjoyable because they will be easier to use with my arthritis.

  • Nancy

    I still have the set of basic pliers I bought when I started beading. I’d LOVE to try a really nice pair, especially since the local shops don’t have a very large selection of brands.

  • Eileen

    A great pair of pliers sure would be nice! My round nose pliers have always been the cheap variety that never had the same size diameter on both noses.

  • Nadine

    Over a year ago, out of the blue my sister told me that I should make jewelry. It made absolutely no sense to me because I rarely wore jewelry. When I found myself without a job in 2011 I was trying so hard not to become too stressed about unemployment. One day I decided to try making earrings, much to my surprise I was good at it, people loved my creations, and I found it very therapeutic. I have been making and giving away my jewelry ever since. Because I am unemployed I have only been able to afford inexpensive tools. I would love to win these pliers and use them to make jewelry to sale.

  • Moreen

    I have the Lindstrom chain nosed pliers and love them!

  • Deena Murawski

    Thank you for the opportunity. I’ll be able to continue doing what I love to do and bring joy to others, too. With small, arthritic hands I can’t create as often as I’d like to. This better tool will help tremendously with my goal.