Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Do you find yourself wanting to give chain maille a try, but don’t know which of our jump rings will work with each pattern? Have no fear- we did the research for you! We tested every round open jump ring that we carry and created charts in our Chain Maille FAQ for each of the eight chain maille patterns on our site. These charts will tell you the outer diameter size and gauge size of the round open jump rings that will work with each pattern. You can also find the information that you need on the product page for each round open jump ring. Next to the ring’s picture on its product page, there will be a list of every pattern that the ring can be used in and links to each technique. The outer diameter, inner diameter and thickness of the ring will be listed there as well.

I hope this makes getting ready to begin chain maille a little less daunting for you beginners!

Happy Tuesday! –Gabby

1 comment to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • BernadinePost

    I Like that you always put helpful tips on for a variety of creastions. Love the chain maile cant wait to see it all the different colors. Thanks again

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