Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

If you have ever worked on a bead weaving project with Swarovski Elements Crystals and found that your thread keeps breaking, you may have cursed your project and tossed it to the side, too frustrated to fix it and continue. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault that the thread breaks; you may just be using the wrong thread! Swarovski Elements Crystals have very sharp edges, and these edges can easily cut fibrous threads like Superlon or Nymo. If you want to use crystal in a bead weaving project, you NEED to use a beading thread that can stand up to it! I suggest using FireLine Braided Bead Thread, which is extremely strong and resilient to fraying, cutting and wearing out. Now pick up that crystal project and start it over with FireLine!

Happy Tuesday! – Sara

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  • Marie Armatys

    Also, pull your thread the same direction as the hole in the crystal. If you pull the thread at a right angle, you’ll cut into the thread with the cut of the crystal. I use Fireline and pulling this way, I have rarely cut my thread.

  • Barbara Grandon

    I actually did a bead weaving bracelet project with Fireline for each of my son’s girlfriends. They loved the bracelets and worn them a lot. After 3 months both of their bracelets Fireline broke. Very disappointing. Is there something that can be done to prevent the sharp edges of the crystal from cutting the thread that needs to be done to the Fireline before starting the project?

    I want to remake the bracelets but am fearful that they will break again with use.

    Any suggestions will help.

  • Lise James

    I have also had several RAW bracelets break when I started to use fire line. I too would love to know if there is an alternative or something extra that can be done. Everyone wants one but I am afraid t share or sell my beautiful creations because of the breakage issue.

  • I would buffer the crystals with a seed bead on each side to avoid direct contact between the crystal and the thread. Alternately, you could double the thread. Some people report better luck with wildfire for this, though the texture is softer and less stiff.

  • Teri Williams

    i’m surprised to her that. I have never had a problem with it and I have worn bracelets at the barn!
    I wonder if you have the fishing line called Fireline or the beading wire called Fireline? Where did you purchase it? although I thought they were both them same. Perhaps you used to light of strength.
    I would love to hear what other people have to say too.

  • Teri Williams

    OMgoodness I can’t believe the typo’s on my comments!

  • Amy Raszka

    I’ve been making many, long bead woven necklaces with seed beads, crystals and gemstones with Fireline as the thread. After some wear, the Fireline is starting to break. Is there something stronger? Am I not using the right strength of Fireline (I’m using the 6 lb.)? I chose Fireline because it’s supposed to be the “strongest” thread out there- BUT I’m very disappointed with the results I’ve been getting.

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