Learn All The Variations of Brick Stitch!

Brick Stitch is a fabulous and versatile bead weaving stitch that can be adapted in so many different ways to achieve a number of different looks. You can use basic brick stitch with decreasing to make flat shapes with seed beads, or you can embellish components or beads with brick stitch to add color, texture and definition to your jewelry! Listed below are the brick stitch techniques that you can find at FusionBeads.com. Once you learn these, you’ll be all set to create all of the Brick Stitch Inspiration jewelry on our site as well!

Basic Brick Stitch

1. Basic Brick Stitch – Before you learn any variations of brick stitch, it’s a good idea to master the basic stitch!

Basic Brick Stitch - Decreasing

2. Basic Brick Stitch – Decreasing – Once you’ve learned basic brick stitch, you can start decreasing the number of rows in your work to create unique shapes out of brick stitch. Check out the Heartbeat Necklace to see how you can decrease with brick stitch to create a woven heart!

Brick Stitch around a Component

3. Brick Stitch around a Component – Use brick stitch to weave beads around a wire component, and add as many rows of beads as you’d like! Check out our Ring Me Up Necklace for inspiration!

Brick Stitch on a Component

4. Brick Stitch on a Component – This technique is similar to Brick Stitch around a Component, however you are able to cover only a segment of a component with brick stitch for a fresh look! You can see this look in the Metallic Dream Earrings!

Brick Stitch Around a Bead

5. Brick Stitch Around a Bead – Learn how to create a ring of brick stitch around a bead, which you can even attach together to create a gorgeous strip of brick stitched beads! Our Warm Sun Bracelet is made up of 5 fun brick stitched beads in Southwestern colors!

If you haven’t learned brick stitch yet, now’s the time! – Sara

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  • Loretta Hanson

    I Love Brick Stitch ! Thanks for the new technique for brick stitch around a bead.

  • How’s things, beautiful page however there is a problem whereby on occassion I am sent back to the base page whenever I view other webpages in your website.

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