Our 2012 Beading Resolutions!

You may remember that some members of the Creative Team made beading resolutions in 2011, so don’t you want to hear how they turned out? Well, I have to admit that we didn’t do as well as we’d hoped. I resolved to learn every beading technique at FusionBeads.com, and while I came very close, I still have a few to learn. Cody resolved to make a new piece of jewelry for herself every month, and she achieved her goal 9 out of the 12 months. Sam wanted to learn how to enamel, but alas, it never worked out. Katie planned on cleaning and organizing her bead room and making a new piece of statement jewelry, but she just never found the time. Mari wanted to make a new pair of earrings every day, but that task turned out to be way too daunting.

While we all had great intentions and gave it a good shot on last year’s resolutions, we’ve got new ones and we’re starting the new year with bigger determination and new goals! We’re putting 2011 behind us, and here’s what we ARE going to do this year:

Mari – I am going to make one new pair of earrings every week!

Katie – I WILL get my beading room cleaned up and cleared out to make a more productive work space. I will also make a new collection of jewelry to wear. And learn something new in beading, maybe a new stitch?

Sam – I want to spend more time in my studio, have an art opening and make at least one (probably more) new piece of jewelry a month!

Cody – My resolution this year is to clean up and reorganize my beading space so that I can finish a project and not spend 20 minutes digging through all of the piles of stuff on my tables to find that one bead!

Gabby – I plan to work outside of my comfort zone, especially with freeform vs. a pattern. It’s ok to just let the piece go where it wants to go – I don’t need to force it into a pattern! I also resolve to finish one old project for each new project I start. My tray of projects in various states of completion has gotten ridiculous!

Allie – My beading resolution is to organize my bead room so I can make more jewelry more often!

Sara – My resolution this year is to start hosting beading parties where I teach children how to bead. It’s never too early to learn how to bead!

Did you have a beading resolution last year? If so, did you accomplish it? I challenge you to come up with a new beading resolution this year and let us know what it is!

Happy New Year! – Sara

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  • My resolution is to finally get my studio finished. Right now all my beads and supplies are in my extra bedroom, semi organized. However we need to move my 2 1/2 year old into the bigger room. So as we speak my husband is in the basement finishing it off so i can have a spot that is just mine to set up my kiln and all my supplies. CAN’T WAIT.

  • Beatriz

    I will try to start running my business… hopefully in NJ… God bless all the people I know, and all the people I don’t, because of them I found FusionBeads and throu FB I can share my work… happy new year!

  • Well, no resolutions from last year. This year I have two.

    1. Finding a creative way to get rid of a whole bunch of plastic beads I have in order to make room for more high quality beads

    2. Get started on a business plan for my sister’s and my joint art business

  • Cindy

    My office has been reorganized, I can find my products! This year I have four resolutions.

    1. Explore polymere
    2. Expand my bridal jewelry
    3. Rework or finish old projects.
    4. Learn a new stitch

    It’s a relief to hear so many other people have the same issues (lack of time, disorganized, etc,)!

  • Pam

    This year I resolve to:

    1. Tackle unfinished projects
    2. Do more chain mail
    3. Visit bead shows to network with other beaders
    4. Explore wire work, it has always fascinated me.

    So many, many creative possibilities, so little time!

  • Pam

    This year I resolve to:

    1. Tackle unfinished projects
    2. Do more chain mail
    3. Visit bead shows to network with other beaders
    4. Explore wire work, it has always fascinated me.

    So many creative possibilities, so little time!

  • Knitwitt

    My 2012 New Year’s resolution:
    To make at least one pair of earrings every single day. (yeeks!)
    I’ve been posting them on Facebook every day so my friends can see my progress and help keep me honest about it.
    It’s Jan 7th and I’ve got 11 pairs done so far!

  • Jamilah

    I LOVE the idea of teaching children to bead! Wouldn’t it be great if you could make the beads out of candy and use that red rope licorice stuff for stringing material! ^_^ Excited!

    I stopped making new years resolutions years ago because I never completed them but this year I think I’ll hold myself accountable and make some jewelry and try to sell it! yay!

  • A clean workspace is good to stir the creative juices — and then once you get going, it’s sort of exhilarating to see an designer’s work space populate with projects and debris over time – that’s art in itself!

  • Alice Tomer

    1. Use up 10% or more of my beads…I have way too much stuff. My eyes are bigger than my stomach.

    2. Make more non-jewelry items, like bookmarks, zipper pulls, key rings.

    3. Explore men’s jewelry styles.

  • Debi

    I hope to get to sell my jewelry this year. I have said that the past 2 years. I am still looking at venues ie craft stores, internet.

  • Sandra Behn

    Learn something new. I plan to try chain mail.\Also go to the beads show in Arizona.

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