Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Well, Christmas is over, and chances are that your jewelry workstation looks like a hurricane blew through it. Between craft shows, bazaars and gift making, many of us beaders find ourselves with a bit of a bead mess after Christmas, and we’re all just too exhausted to clean it all up! Well, here’s a tip that should clear up at least a little bit of space quickly! For all of those projects you worked on for the holidays that you didn’t like or didn’t finish, make three boxes or designate three drawers. Name them “Things to Finish”, “Things to Take Apart” and “Things to Fix”. Most people don’t like to deal with a project once they’ve ditched it, so just toss those pieces in their respective bins and wait to deal with them until a day when you feel more relaxed and ready to tackle the big projects!

Happy Tuesday! – Sara

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