Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Santa Fe Holiday SnowflakeToday’s tip is for those of you who are making snowflake ornaments with wire snowflake forms for Christmas! If you’ve been trying to whip up a whole bunch of snowflakes, your hands are probably getting very tired because the wire is so hard and it’s a little difficult to turn loops on the ends of the wire. Try giving your hands a little rest by using earring backs as stoppers so that you don’t have to struggle to bend the wire on the snowflakes. You’ll still want to turn a loop on one of the wires so that you can hang the snowflake to the tree, but these little plastic earring backs do the trick just fine and they’re clear, so you won’t notice them too much!

Happy Tuesday! – Sara

3 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • nancy gouveia

    When I finish putting the beads on each “branch”, I bend the wire back at a 45 deree angle. This prevents the beads from moving, and I go back a little later to make the loops. I used suction cups to hang some of these in my picture window – they look so beautiful when the sunlight hits the swarovski!

  • Patti M.

    I made 18 Snowflakes and they are georgeous!! I bought a bunch of old necklaces at an antique mall and mixed those in with crystals. Fantastic. Sold a few, but giving a bunch away as gifts. Word to the wise, never tell people at an antique mall what you intend to do with the jewelery you buy! SNIP! They get testy!!

  • Betty Winslow

    I love making these; I do use the stoppers as I’m designing them (in case I want to change something), but remove them one at a time and do loops when I’m satisfied with what I’ve done. I saw some done with glitter tinsel pipe cleaners this week, and the tinsel holds the beads in place…. looked good, but less elegant than using the wire forms.

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