12 Gift Ideas of Christmas: Gift Idea #9!

There’s nothing like monogramming someone’s initials onto a gift to make it personal! For my 8th gift idea of Christmas, I want you to open your mind to all of the possibilities that Swarovski Elements Crystal Flat Back Rhinestones have to offer! All you need to do it glue flat backs onto a pre-existing gift and, voila!, you have a personalized and partially handmade gift! See our Gluing Flat Back Rhinestones technique to learn the technique, and make sure to use the right adhesive for each project. If you’re gluing crystals on to fabric, you’ll want to use Hypo Fabric Cement. For items that will take a lot of wear and tear, use 5 Minute Epoxy because it has an incredibly strong hold. For most other projects, you’ll be fine to use any glues on our adhesives page. While we carry seven different crystal flat back sizes, the most universal sizes for this type of project would be the SS7 (2.1mm) and SS9 (2.5mm) flat backs. Pictured above is an ornament that I flat backed, and here is a list of just a few other things that you can monogram with crystal!

Compact mirror
Cell phone case
Jewelry box
Candle holder
Wine glass
Gift tag
Wine stopper
Coin purse
Photo frame or album cover
Clothing (but use fabric glue)
Makeup bag
Jewelry tool case
Business card holder

Have fun flat backing! If you come up with any fabulous ideas of items that you can add initials to, please leave a comment on this post and tell us your great idea!

Happy Countdown to Christmas! – Sara

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