12 Gift Ideas of Christmas: Gift Idea #6!

My sixth gift idea of Christmas is perfect for every Christmas tree owner in your life! They’re also a great gift to make for yourself as well! Resin ornaments are so much fun to make and they will light up your entire Christmas tree with sparkle! We have a wonderful step-by-step technique that will teach you how to make these ornaments, and you might even want to consider inviting a few beading friends over to get an assembly line going so that you can make a bunch of ornaments. If you have never worked with resin, that’s just fine! If there’s any resin technique that’s simple and accident-proof, it’s these glittery ornaments. All you need is glitter (see our collection here), ICE Resin (see it here) and some clear glass ornaments from your local craft store! I promise that you’ll have fun making these and you can give them to anyone with a Christmas tree! I actually just finished a big batch of ornaments and shipped them off to my husband’s family (I hope none of them read this)! You can look at Merry Berry, Snowball Fight, Christmas Eve or Holiday Memories for specific ornament designs, or you can just pick out whichever glitter colors you love and get started!

Happy Countdown to Christmas! – Sara

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