12 Gift Ideas of Christmas: Gift Idea #5!

My fifth gift idea of Christmas is perfect for that beader who seems to have everything already! If your beading friends are like me at all, they probably decided to buy inexpensive pliers and cutters when they first started beading and never got around to upgrading their tools. Tool upgrades are the perfect gift for any beader, beginner or advanced! If you don’t know the breakdown of tool quality, here it is:

Basic tools – These tools are the most affordable option and they’re perfect for those people who are just getting started with beading, or if you want to share your love of beading with children (the tools come in fun colors!). These tools range from $5.95 to $7.95 each. See the basic pliers here and the basic cutters here.

EUROnomic 2K German Pliers and Cutters – These German tools are the perfect basic tools with the added advantage of having ergonomic handles that ensure less hand and wrist fatigue. They range in price from $26.95 to $33.95 each (see them here), and they also come in full kits (see them here) that range from $86.95 to $137.95. While these pliers are not the most expensive, luxury tools that you can find, many beaders actually prefer them over the fancier pliers!

Lindstrom Ergonomic Pliers and Cutters – The Lindstrom line of tools is the best of the best, and you’re definitely going to please any beader if you give them Lindstroms! The Micro-Touch™ handles give complete hand support and comfort, and the Biospring® technology helps reduce tension during use. These pliers and cutters are truly fabulous – I could do chain maille for hours with them without my hands hurting! Lindstrom tools range in price from $61.95 to $71.95 each (see them here), and they also come in full kits (see them here) that range from $146.95 to $278.95.

Tronex Cutters– While Lindstrom is the top of the line for pliers, Tronex makes the best cutters I have ever come across (see them here). The precision tips and razor flush cutting capability are enough to make a grown beader cry! It’s amazing what a perfect and precise cut they make, and this makes them an especially great gift for the person who likes to fuse fine silver. Tronex cutters range in price from $54.95 to $68.95 each.

Well, there you have it, a range of tools that can satisfy every beader, no matter where they are on their beading journey! While I’ve highlighted our most popular pliers and cutters, you can see our entire collection here. Good luck deciding what to buy, and remember that you can always contact Customer Support at support@fusionbeads.com if you need extra help in your decision making!

Happy Countdown to Christmas! – Sara

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