12 Gift Ideas of Christmas: Gift Idea #1!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And to celebrate the winter holiday season, I have a special treat for you. Every weekday for the next 12 days, I’ll be delivering fresh, hot new gift ideas for you to give your loved ones! There may even be a few gifts in the mix that you’ll want to ask Santa to give to you, as long as you’ve been very good, of course! Some of these gift ideas will take a bit of work, and some will be quick and easy for those last minute projects! Are you ready to find out what our first gift idea is? Here you go!

Gift Idea #1: Large Hole Charm-Style Bracelets

You’ve probably seen a lot of jewelry stores carrying bracelets with large hole beads strung onto bead chain bracelets – it’s a trend that is exploding right now, like a modern charm bracelet. Well, FusionBeads.com offers a huge assortment of affordable large hole beads and bead chain that work perfectly with this trend! We carry large hole beads in sterling silver, gold-filled, glass, pewter and even Swarovski Crystal and glass by T-Beads! The main reason that people love large hole bead jewelry is that all you need is a bracelet or necklace chain (in sterling silver or pewter) and you can start sliding beads right on! It’s so easy and incredibly personal. They’re interchangeable too, so once you give someone their first large hole bead bracelet, you can give them new beads to add to it every year! Want to know how I am sure that people will love and appreciate this gift? So many employees over here at FusionBeads.com have given them as gifts and they’re a hit, especially with mothers and grandmothers!

While the technique is so easy, you’ll be sure to master it if you read through our two related techniques, Using an Interchangeable Large Hole Bead Chain and Using Smart Beads with Large Hole Bead Chain! Have fun making gifts!

Happy Countdown to Christmas! – Sara

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